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  1. That’s exactly what I need! Thanks y’all!
  2. Thanks for the photos! I’ve been wanting to try to make a folding blade but am intimidated by all the fittings and locking mechanisms so I’m trying to absorb all the info I can!
  3. Hey Y’all, Apologies if this isn’t the right thread for this post but I have what may be a silly question. I’m trying to find a small saw to use to hollow out handles for through tang knives. Any idea on the name of this? I tried searching keyhole saw but that’s mostly for drywall. If you know anything let me know!
  4. Thanks guys! I’ll try it out and post a photo when its all done!
  5. Perfect! I’ll try it out next time I fire up the forge and let you know how it goes! Appreciate all ur help
  6. This is gorgeous! Do you have any photos of it pre-fit up?
  7. When you cooled in the tempering is that safe to do with water?
  8. Hey Y’all, Just about finished up a little pipe tomahawk and was looking for some other opinions on it. It’s forged out of a ball peen hammer with a shovel handle tapered down. I’m wanting to darken the steel (blue?) and been looking into some ways to do it. I know you can buy chemicals to blue the steel but was wondering if there is any other ways, maybe to help keep it from rusting as well. Also I think I want to wrap some leather under the head, basically just because I think it looks cool, thoughts on that?
  9. When you say differential tempering is that like drawing the temper away from the spine with a torch? I’ll definitely have a 3 pin jig handy when I quench, and if it cools to quick I’ll try it in tempering! Thanks!
  10. Hey Y’all, I finally bit the bullet and am attempting a bigger knife. It’s a chopper forged from an old leaf spring. I’ve gotten profile finished and took the bevels basically from spine to edge. I’m preparing to quench and have to say I’m a little scared. I haven’t quenched anything this large and fear a warp/crack/catastrophic failure especially since I’ve already put a lot of time into it. I’m debating just and edge quench in vegetable oil after some thermo cycling, OR putting some satinite on the spine to keep it cool and do a full quench. Thoughts?
  11. That’s a solid idea! Just to add some grooves to make it easier to hold onto. I may try that on this blade but I’m rather happy with it and would hate to mess it up! Chances are though I’ll make a few more knives! thanks! Well thank you! It means a lot, this stuff is hard and it’s great to get some help. I totally understand what u mean about the bevels. This is probably the fourth time I’ve actually attempted bevels so I was more concerned with actually getting an edge. I agree though and wish I took it up higher as there is still a lot of meat on the spine. thanks again!
  12. Hey Yall! I finally got around to finishing my second knife and I would love some feedback! It is leaf spring steel from my old jeep with paper micarta scales and brass pins. If anyone knows of a good way to treat the micarta please let me know, when i finished shaping it had a weird dirty look, so i hit in on the polisher and it just made the scales really slick. So if you have a good way of finishing those let me know!
  13. Here are my first couple hoof picks I made for some friends, great beginner projects!
  14. Hi guys! So this is my first big project, I bought a cheap ball peen hammer and I'm slowly making it into a small hatchet. Since this is my first project its mostly a learning experience. Any and all suggestions are appreciated!