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  1. Depending on extreme various winters here (some year around never snow and freeze and the other year -20 C° ) I just give my handles a nice rub with oil and put them in a dry spot. My Coal/coke always stays in the bags and without any cover from rain/snow/ice. It never hurt the coke. Sometimes the coke splits while freezing, but it never loses quality. My power tools rest in my garage during winter and the new "Workshop" is lightly heated it never drops under 4 C° in it. so I don't care much about anything stored in it.
  2. If the price is reasonable price, this anvil will be serving well I think. PFP or Peddinghaus Anvils are normally pretty good anvils.. yours looks like it is in a good shape.. Edges seem nice. the hardy and pritchel look good too. The Lenght and Width match to my PFP Anvil around 60kg.
  3. Yes they all have seen some work, but overall they're quite nice. the edges can be refined, there are no broken parts except the horn. No I didn't get any tools for the big one. But I try to find out, which tools were used with this dovetail.
  4. Heyho! I just got an offer I couldn't decline. There was a Thread in the german knife forum; Selling 3 Anvils. I opened it and read it, there was a guy offering 3 Anvils everyone should weigh about 200-240lbs. I wrote him and made the deal. I bought the three shown Anvils.. the small one on the 4. picture is my 110lbs Peddinghaus Anvil. The 2 next to each other have a Weight about 240lbs. The bigger one , which shows his front and is MY new Anvil has around 350lbs.
  5. Looks like a usable tool for me. nicely done. Believe me or not, in a half year or something, you'll be thinking of replacing it with a new version of it from your own!
  6. Hey everybody, I just wanted to show some works I finished. First I want to show my first attempts at smithing tongs. from bottom to top, my first attempt, to the fourth attempt finished today. (bending tongs, flat tongs for small leafs (fits for 1,5mm), bolt tongs for 6mm, multi tongs fits for 10/12 round/flat) the next pic shows some pins that hold a glass ball and are thought to decorate a flower-pot or anything like this. and then three bigger versions of this flower-pot-pins: so. these are my beginnings in creative smithing. If there is cristism, I would like to read it :) Greetings from germany, Kai
  7. Today I found in our Local Area a post written like: "Heavy anvil for sell, 160 Dollar (so here 125 Euro), i don't know hold old or used it is" I called the number and directly made a date for meeting. Just an hour and 40km car drive later, I came to the adress and could see this thing: http://1drv.ms/1vRfFAS I didn't wait long and lifted it... i was sure it is round about 200 to 220 lbs ; so i bought it. then returned it home, gave it a nice, intense brushing and voila: http://1drv.ms/1vRg7PC i saw a very, very beautiful surface, no marks, and the best: it is a german Peddinghaus Anvil, it weights 210lbs and a ball bearing jumps back in my hand!
  8. Hey, the stump is improved, there are some woodblocks put under there and i added two layers of bitumen , to reduce the hammering on the floor. And thank you for the nice welcome here! i think i found the right place to learn and maybe give some input if others need it. Also thank you for the links, i will start reading after i finished the two books I just got. (Lars Enander, German Title: "Schmieden Lernen" ; my translation for the title : "Blacksmithing Basics" , and the little red book all german smiths read: "The Smith at the Anvil " , "Der Schmied am Amboss".
  9. Hello from me, hello from Germany! A long time I am a lurker and now I decided to give it a chance. I am from Germany, about an hour away from Cologne if anybody knows it. I am 22 years old and started my first trys in smithing 10 years ago. Over the years I had only a few times the chance to work for myself or to learn something, but the time has come and now I have the chance to learn and try. So I just started to build my own "shop". It's a small area like 2x2 metres outside for the forge and my table. And i have got a 1,50x1meter workbench to finish work, or to work with leather and the other materials I use. My anvil is a 14x14x14 cm steel dice, weighs round about 40lbs and works well for me. I use a scrap vise and some hammers I found at flea markets. So long story short -> I improvise everything and try my best to have fun with this hobby. If there are any questions, just ask! I hope the language isn't too bad to read and understand! Oh and if theres criticism just tell me, I think I will learn from anything the "more" experienced people tell me! :) And some pictures of some of my works. First Picture is a Viking-Knife I made. Another Viking-Knife My forge at the moment. A bottom-blast forge, without any ash-can, works well, but a new one will be built in a few days! Then my Table and anvil-stand: My fire-hook, i just finished it today! and a birthday present a friend got last year: A viking-knife, 30cm long , and a oak-wood-stand for it, all by myself. So hope you had fun reading and looking! Greetings Kai alias noobrider
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