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  1. It is not bad, it has a high percentage of zinc. Like 70% or something. You really need to give everything a good clean, at least a good wire brush. If it is out in the weather I would try give it a coat of enemal or something over it to seal it, as it has a rather absorbent finish no doubt due to the high zinc content. In fact I think all, if not, most zinc paints are designed as a undercoat and if used like that they are great.
  2. I think you will find he means the hing is called piano hinge rather that referring to its use. it may be from a piano but more likely from any other hinged thing.
  3. Nice work ! How did you get the patina??
  4. Sorry guys brass and aluminium do not mix. copper and aluminium destroy each other. As in aluminium will become an anode for the copper and corrode rapidly, brass is something like 60% copper and as such should not be used together. If you tried to electro plate it I believe it would not work. If anything happened it would not look great in sure, and defiantly woulnt last. As was mentioned steel may be a better option for electro plating with brass or copper.
  5. Ahh spewing looks like we are going past on Monday the only day they are not open. course it would happen that way
  6. Awesome thanks buddy might drop in. Sorry been busy and didn't get to reply too fast. But much appreciated.
  7. Hey ya all just wondering if anyone has any idea of a forge that might have a open day between now and the 19th I'm doing a road trip and was thinking what better to do then drop in to have a look, if anything was happening. Anyway im are in NYC from Wednesday the 28th to like the 4th then driving down the Mississippi through Nashville or something I guess. Down to New Orleans and across to Florida taking 14 days more or less. Sooo if anyone has a awesome forge they like show off or a club that might have something going on it that time let me know :-)
  8. Is true. Just thinking / hoping I could upgrade to a kidyon style in the future. When I have a compressors that could run one. So Trying to think outside the box a bit. keep thinking I guess
  9. I'm not a chemist but.. the reaction produces hydrogen, I imagine you reacted because as it fizzed small vinigar particles where carried with the hydrogen. Meaning you was breathing a vinigar vapour. a chemist would tell you exactly but that's my theory. andy
  10. it's true you only asked one question. And you got an answer in the first reply, you also got a bit extra info for FREE i don't know exactly your situation, but us young often guys think we can sidestep the learning process, but the reality is this was/is a trade. Trades today take 3-4 years to learn the basics. If these guys mention it its most probably true. Sure there are always other ways to do things too, so if it's not what your wanting to do right now at least be say thanks, and be great full for the advice they are only trying to help. Andy
  11. you would need to machine the contact/slide faces of the hammer though wouldn't you??
  12. andys MQ

    Found one!

    Nice looks good
  13. Looks great buddy! Can't wait to make my first hammer but gotta teach the wife to swing a sledge first.
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