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  1. I've finally cut a section off the 7' piece of track and began shaping a roughly 16" ASO.  It's not pretty yet, nor will it ever look as good as many of the ones I've seen, but it's a start.  Cost me 4 cutting wheels and half a grinding wheel.  I only have a 4" grinder at my disposal. 


  2. Today I was able to finish filing and grinding the double edged stiletto, still needs a handle and the tang shaped up a little.  I was able to make my first chisel today.  It's a little rough but it'll suit me until I have something better.  The bottom piece is what's left from the Ubolt I used to make the chisel. I was planning on making a wall mounted bollt opener with it, but after several failed attempts, I swirled the end up to a close and called it a coat hanger.


  3. My first forge.  It is a 50/50 mix of Plaster of paris and normal play sand.


  4. My first anything.  It's not entirely finished, but I sharpened it because I'm not great with the patience game.   It was a Large Allen wrench to start.


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