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    Fishing,camping(tent)guns,knifes,welding and now blacksmithing. All so bushcraft, metal detecting.canoeing.barber by trade.

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  1. bowfishjim

    20140119 144650

    1095 satin finish bocote wood my 3rd knife. I
  2. New knife 1095 bocote scales And one with micarta scales
  3. I tried This steal one more time .and one more crack . I was not heating up the oil enough. then I turned out this little neck knife .turned out okay shaved hair, has a little flex to the blade.I did this really quick.
  4. I think it has something to do with the /straightening process.I tried a different way last night. I cut the coils first.then heated and Left In forge over night. The steel looks better/more solid color. Just have to try and see. At this point I'm not looking to sell knife's /just for fun.maybe if I can turn out a good product I will sell in the future. Thanks for the feedback.all
  5. I am going to try 1 more time with this steel.just because I have a lot of it.I will try heating the oil a little more. If that does not work I will just use it for other blacksmith products .and order some known steel.thanks for the help and info on Sheridan.
  6. I am using flat coil spring used on a fork lift to help the ram lift up.it is new.don't know what spring steel it is thow. I am heating it in the forge to straighten.then I leve it in the forge till cool.then cut and profile. Heat till non magnetic.quench in used motor oil then temper at 450 for 1 hour 3times. Tried this today and 1 more crack after 1st temper?
  7. just read an article on how they used to fix old boaTs.they made it from Hemp oakum .take a hemp rope pull it apart strand by strand and shred it the and stuff in the leak
  8. Thanks for the info. Back to the drawing board.
  9. there was a black spot at the top probably were the crack started.The Gran structure looks pretty smooth except for one black spot at the top.
  10. flat spring steel profile to shape heated to non magnetic quenched and oil tempered three times at 350 in oven polishing blade blade snap hand polishing what went wrong?
  11. I am looking at one of these also. Are they any good?
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