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  1. I have an aunt that self publishes horrible romances. If she hadn't disowned the rest of the family for an imagined slight it probably would have happened if she ever heard the opinions of anyone who read the things. Weber's Armageddon Reef series is pretty good though it does have a bigger focus on the politics than I would prefer. The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher are a good take on magic in modern day Chicago (don't bother with the shortlived TV adaptation, they changed just about everything but the name). I mostly was bored by the Mech books as well but Ghost of Winter, Initiatio
  2. 5 hours, a personal "best". Like I said in my intro thread, an intracranial flatus. I'll try to make sure it doesn't happen again.
  3. I don't think he's an xxxx for not selling small amounts, I think he's one because of one winter encounter. His company plows driveways in the winter, well one year we got almost two feet of snow overnight and had to call for a plow. He quoted $50 over the phone so my parents left a check for 50 made out to the company so I could pay while they were at work. He gets done with the driveway and says that it will actually cost double and he wants the check made out to him personally, luckily I had the cash to pay it, but that's why I won't do anything more than sell him a bed full of aluminum can
  4. My current kit is a single burner Hell's Forge (sorry for the profanity, but it's the brand name) set up on an old anesthesia cart, a cast iron aso on a stump, 1 pair of wolf jaw tongs, and several hammers. I've also got a 4.5 inch angle grinder, a bench top drill press, and a tiny 330×10mm belt grinder. John Ringo is pretty good, The Last Centurion is a very fitting read right now. I haven't read the Dark Tide books, I figure if I want zombies I'll play any number of games that let me kill them myself. David Weber has several good series although he tends to get bogged down in the
  5. Yep, that's the right pronoun. I've read most of the Valdemar books (currently going back through the Owl Knight trilogy), along with a bunch of other fantasy/sci-fi authors.
  6. I don't actually have a local scrapyard. The closest I have is a private recycling company whose owner is a bit of an xxxx and won't sell unless you're looking to get multiple tons at a time. But angiolino does mention wanting to make it out of material possibly gotten from a junkyard, so I figured they'd have access to one.
  7. Depending on the size of the area you want to smooth out I'd get an old 20 or 40 pound propane tank, run a 1 inch id pipe through it, and use a smaller pipe as an axle. Then you can make the yoke out of more piping or use wood like Frosty suggests. It wouldn't spin as easy as using bearings but you should be able to get all the parts at a scrapyard pretty cheaply.
  8. Thanks for the welcome folks! Thomas my real name is Kelly, but I've been going by Vanyel online for at least a decade now. He's the type of character I usually try to play in RPGs and the name is rarely taken. As for the type of smithing I'm wanting to do, eventually I'd like to try knives (of course), but right now I've mostly just messed around with whatever small things that catch my attention. I've made a couple j-hooks, a towel bar, a couple fireplace pokers, and a flower for Mother's day. I also welded up a stack of quarters for mokume gane but I still need to flatten it out to see
  9. Like the title says, I figured I've been lurking around here long enough and I should at least say hi. As a bit of insight into my personality, I'm a lazy, asthmatic, gamer with a fairly low heat tolerance level (I also tend to be fairly sarcastic for which I apologize in advance). So, of course, I thought that blacksmithing would be a fun hobby to pick up. I have read the "read this first" page and want to thank JHCC for writing it up and also a big thanks to Glenn for hosting this amazing community! Edit: I'll try not be too annoying.
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