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  1. Thanks again guys! Yes, I guess the horn was pretty suspicious... And also the fact that it has no markings except the weight... Anyway, I might settle on a big chunk of steel or reface or surface grind my existing anvil, but that'll have to wait for another thread :)
  2. Hi everybody! I've been blacksmithing for a year now and I'm pretty much equiped (got a leg vise in excellent conditin for 40 $, a forge, etc.) I also go a 140 lb Mousehole from my grandfather which is in pretty bad condition (the anvil , not the grandpa ). Anyways, it's decent for blacksmithing but I'd prefer a smootherand flatter surface for bladesmithing. So, either I reface my Mousehole or I buy this 220 lb anvil for 200$. Does it look like cast iron? Thanks, Simon
  3. REALLY nice! Love that blade shape... Keep 'em coming! :)
  4. Thanks everybody! Pins are just plain old copper wire, cut with a bolt-cutter and kind of straightened on the anvil. I didn't manage to grind a sharp tip though. Any advice on that? Also, for my next knife, should I rivet a head on the pin?
  5. There it is! My first knife! Finished it about 3 months but just didn't take pics. Black Diamond file, ground to shape but heat-treated in the forge... African padauk handle (I think?) and copper pins. I think I like the feel of it.. Basic and uneven filework lol Notice the "white stuff" in the pics. Pretty cold here.. Thanks for looking! Simon
  6. OMG! Nice pattern welding! And how do the big ones throw?
  7. 1875? And the face is that shiny and barely chipped? Whoah... Really nice knives man. I like their beautiful simplicity.
  8. Hello everybody! I'm a beginning hobby knifemaker (2 knives yet, don't worry I'll post pics). Some of you guys may know me from PP since I made a bow(johnnycaribe)... This site looks great! Anyway, I was wondering if any of you live near Ottawa, Ontario, in Canada? There is a limit to what I can learn by myself, especially for forging to shape blades. I'd also want to learn to forge weld some day. Thanks, Simon Thought I might show some pics of my forge.. And my old mousehole:
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