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  1. Great thread, and I'll make sure I post some pics of the anvil I work on soon.
  2. The faces on the anvils are in pretty good shape, but the horn on the Peter Wright is so-so imo. After reading all the advice offered here as well as through email I think I'll just wait & see if the guy will accept my offer. Thanks for all the good advice, I really appreciated it.
  3. If I had pictures, I'd post them. I'm the only one he's dealing with at this point, and I didn't want to let them get away if he was asking a fair price for them. Anvils are not plentiful where I live, but they do turn up in good shape ever so often. ThomasPowers, what would they be worth in your part of the world? (I sent you an email sir, and you don't need to post a reply if you don't want to.) Sounds like it would be to my best interest to go with whatever you think they're worth. They are in very good shape, very few blemishes, and they are NOT beat to death. Neither of them look like they have been used very much at all as a matter of fact. Too bad the old boy at the yard sale couldn't have known me Bentiron1946. I have a smaller Vulcan I hardly ever use. I can't remember it's weight I've not used it for so long. All I'm trying to do is not let a possibly good deal get away, and don't mean to bother anyone overly much. My thanks for any advice which is offered folks, and good evening to one & all.
  4. I just thought I'd ask for some information as to what they might be worth? The Peter Wright is 148 pounds, and the Alsop is about the same weight. Both are in very good shape with very minimal blemishes anywhere on them.
  5. Not my thread, but I certainly wanted to thank you for posting the links you did. They certainly helped me out a lot. :)
  6. I already negotiated with him price wise, and $125 is as low as he would go. I had already thought about the price break down, but definitely appreciate someone going over it again. If I can get together with the guy, I'll probably deal with him. You both reinforced what I was already thinking. Which is that it's not a steal, but it's not a bad deal either. I really appreciate the input guys, and thank you both for your time.
  7. I hope I'm posting this on the right board. Anyway, a guy was offering me a bunch of older blacksmith tools. He has over 30 tools. There are several sets of tongs, a number of things which look like pliers, and a couple of things which look like old time soldering irons. There is also an item he calls a anvil creasing stake. All the stuff looks to be in pretty good shape. He offered them to me for $125. Does this sound like a good deal, or is it overpriced? Thanks for any advice which might be forthcoming, and hope I'm not bothering anyone by asking.
  8. Thanks for allowing me to be a member. I appreciate it. :)
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