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  1. Does anyone have an answer on the rebound percentage of this anvil?
  2. I haven't seen it in person but the owner says yes
  3. Like one chip in. The edge of the face
  4. I found a HB that is a 135# and the lowest is 400$ it is in good shape. Is that worth the money
  5. Just so you didn't think I'm an idiot I wasn't asking if they composition was similar I was asking if heatreat and temper was similar
  6. Hey. How is ductile iron heatreated is it similar to say a simple carbon steel?
  7. I was referring to the no face plate version where it was tool steel from the waist up
  8. Thanks So would it be a second generation
  9. It is a 3 and 4 other numbers that are in recognizable 3xxxx
  10. Where is the serial number located. And if I only had the for number in the series could you still tell
  11. Hey how can you identify a second generation Hay Budden
  12. Hello everyone any thoughts on the majestic forge. I am looking at the three burner knife maker
  13. Sort I have gotten you all confused. I have gotten permission from the RR to collect a minimum amount of items. Yes it's a federal offense if you don't have permission. And I do it when no one is looking because I could me mistaken for someone taking materials illegally. I must stress again I haves gotten permission from several people that are in charge of taking care of the used material once they are taken off the tracks. And they said I have permission to take what I like within reason. I HAVE PERMISSION But yes it is a danger to be on the tracks at all. But I am always at the track dump store where they dump the used materials until it is picked up
  14. I cross the tracks everyday wasn't wanting to start an argument. @VaughnT And it's just laying there and I don't like spending money so it's easier to pick free stuff up than lay money down. But if you have it on trees by all means go to TSC
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