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  1. A fellow Dal Law man! What year did you graduate? I'm Dal Law class of 2007
  2. Hey Swedefiddle - A fellow Canadian! I'm here in Newfoundland. I don't think the bolt is too long as it seems to be just the right length for the threads. I have some experience working hot metal by hand but have always stayed away from power hammers as they didn't seem to have a finesse touch. I'm absolutely blown away by how exact and precise they can be now that I've tried one. It's completely blown my mind and changed my opinion on em. I have a replacement top plate gasket en route, but I'm not in a rush to change it. The air leak is very small so I don't think it will make any difference.
  3. After a day of playing with my new Runfa (seems identical to Anyang) power hammer, I am learning, but still somewhat confused. I have read the countless threads on this site, and they are absolutely awesome, but I cannot for the life of me figure out a couple of issues. Here is the Hammer: Issue #1: I adjusted the oil feed rate in the two glass bubbles to 5-8 seconds per drip. (I've attached a picture of the Oiler for reference.) In order to achieve this slow a flow rate, I had to screw the black screws in tight and just back them off 1/4 turn. Does this seem right? gambit x men origins movie Issue #2: I originally had a lot of oil flowing down the ram onto the dies. I think this was due to me having the Oiler turned up way too much initially and essentially flooding the rams with oil. This seems to have slowed now, but there is still some light oil misting on the lower die at idle. The power Hammer seems to vent air through the upper ram somewhere when idling and just barely moving. I figure it has to vent the air pressure somewhere but not sure this is the right place. Is this normal? Issue #3: I am leaking a very tiny bit of air and oil mist through one of the bolts that holds the top plate on the ram. (Ive attached a picture for reference.) I've taken the bolt out and looked. It seems like there is a tiny split in the rubber gasket that seals the top plate. Is this normal or should I get a new gasket? Issue #4: The Hammer gets hot to the touch after about 15-20 minutes of continuous running. Not hot enough to burn you, but fairly warm. Is this normal? Thanks again everyone for your help. This is an awesome place for information. I've learned so much here by just reading old threads.