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  1. I'll try that when I get the chance. It has a slight ring when off the stand
  2. It makes a dull Thur when struck though it doesn't dent too easily. I also have a small section of rail that gives far more when I work with it. I recently re measured it and it comes out to 8x8x46 cm my initial estimation was a little generous. As of now its about 23 kg.
  3. Thanks for the welcome. Here are some pictures of the weight. The loop broke off some time ago but the rest is still in good enough shape.
  4. I'm in the southern United States. I don't suspect it's over 50 years old. It was only buried about 3 inches down.
  5. Not too long ago I found an old cast steel bar buried near a house. This bar is about 5" square and 20" long with a loop at the end and a broken section at the rear. I asked around about what it was and the best answer I've gotten is that it's some sort of counter weight. I've used this as an ASO without much issue. Is there someone who may know what this piece actually is and wether it's safe to use while forging?