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  1. I have noticed that my forge will get a little bit hotter when I use a bellows than when I use my blower, and I was wondering is it just that I need a new blower, or if it is something to do with charcoal and the bellows blowing inconsistently, versus a constant airflow with a blower.
  2. You should have no problem forging with a beckett burner, as long as you have good diesel fuel, as far as I understand the main reason that very few people do this is the sheer price of diesel fuel, but if this isn’t a concern then this should work well for you. And as far as oxidation goes you shouldn’t have any more problems than with a coal forge. Here is a link to a thread that may or may not help :-)
  3. Thanks I have looked into the safety risks and I have a full ventilation system and I’m outside thanks for the concern and I totally agree about the king of random taking alot of unnecessary risks and probably decreasing his life expectancy by at the least 25 years
  4. Hi I’m young blacksmith who is trying to move beyond charcoal, and I have been looking into fule-less forge ideas and I stumbled upon the carbon arc furnace from King of Random and I was wondering if the design was altered if it could work for forging the rough design is below