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  1. hows it working? is that bent tube steel or copper? I was thinking of building one too but I thing leaving the oil tube back inside the pipe about 1 to 2" would be better so it will vaporize better.
  2. I got this anvil yesterday and I have been working on cleaning it up. it measures 30 3/4" tip of horn to heel the face is 4 1/8" wide and it is 12 1/8" high. I have not found any weight markings yet but I am guessing it is well over 200 pounds. the Trenton logo is just above this stamp which reads Solid Wrought.
  3. we have a hardware store locally that has a stone center that makes thier own concrete blocks and firebrick, they also sell alot of furnaces so I might be able to find something there.
  4. what is the fireclay called at the building supply stores? I have a broter-in-law that works at lowes and he hasn't been able to find fireclay. But then again most lowes employees are idiots.
  5. also an electric air mattress pump might work. I got one that really puts out alot of air.
  6. maybe you could get a piece of log about waist high and some railroad spikes and sike the tie plate into the log, that should eliminate the "bounce". then after you get a "real" anvil you could cut it down enough to keep the face of the anvil waist high. Well at least that is what I would do.
  7. he just had the thing sitting in a big metal pan to catch the oil. I was also thinking about the fuel oil gun out of a furnace. but when all is said and done I honestly think that if I want a gas forge I would be better off with propane or natural gas. How would natural gas rate in terms of cost and effiency? I already have natural gas readily available, I would just have to do a little pipe work to get it to my shop but nothing too difficult.
  8. is that a tie plate you are using for an anvil? I can get literally tons of them, I'll have to pick a few up to use till I can get a "real" anvil.
  9. the origional babington design calls for a #87 drill (.010") the guy in the video used a #80 so that might make a difference. I think I will put this project on hold and concentrate on building my coal forge.
  10. I know this has been discussed before but here is a fairly new twist. watch this viseo on youtube. YouTube - How to build a Babington Burner do you think this would be able to heat a small forge to welding temps? I also have a few ideas to simplify the whole process.
  11. I thought it soulded like a great way for us beginners to hone our skills and even get a little constructive criticism.
  12. call one of the coal companies and ask if they sell it by the truckload.
  13. Is there a blacksmith around the Dubois, PA area that would be willing to show a newb the basics? I know of a guy in Falls Creek that did some demos at the Sykesville Ag & Youth Fair but I don't know how to contact him. Any help would be greatly apreciated.
  14. They are about 10 minutes from me. I don't know about the lump charcoal but I have bought thier charcoal briquets for the BBQ. They are right, you will taste the difference, it makes your food taste terrible, lol.
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