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  1. ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; and you wonder why you got banned today?
  2. Charles, silly question, the picture looks are deceiving, how wide is that RR track ?
  3. I am upset, the thread is only 3 pages long. I was digg'n it, .i believe i know what to do with my RR track now nice job Charles, looks good
  4. yeah man,,,that can be fixed, do not cut it off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what you need is a die for the threads, then, gently, tap the pipe back to round, do not worry about the threads just get it back to round. then, run the die on the pipe. its called chasing the threads, the die will cut the bent metal out of the threads use PLENTY of oil,,,,dripping with oil, pour oil on the die and threads as you recut the threads heat at this point is your enemy, oil will keep the metal cool as you recut the picture is deceiving, the size looks like 2'' you can rent a "ridgid ratchet die" at most rental stores or have a plumber buddy drag his home to you
  5. I take it by the dates on the posts,,their is not any MFC members around this site. Are their any Mississippi BlackSmiths on here? looking for guys with forges close to my area..
  6. Thanks Glen, I appreciate the edits and the explanation. Thanks for a Great site!!!!!!!!!!. I have learned a lot so far,and have tons more to learn.
  7. LOL,, I drive the grammar police completely wild. I am convinced my computer is dyslexic, btw, who's glen? and why is my post edited by him? [the cat,says edited by Glen] I dont care, just wanna know,
  8. I caught that, wasnt going to say a word
  9. Image removed due to copyright. If you own the copyright or have leased the image, please let me know and we can replace the image and give credit to the owner.
  10. I think i will cut it,,2 is better than one
  11. 28 1/2'' floor to closed fist. my rail is 21'' thanks for the pointers, I appreciate it,
  12. are you talking about rail side down? LOL,, actually thought of that, more room to hit i can cut a groove to fit it in
  13. i checked prices for a new housing, the lock button is not replaceable,,have to replace the housing http://screencast.com/t/5EoIeGtfvLv those parts new are more than the unit was new,,,, no way.... i think i will pack if full of grease,put the wire wheel on it. and use it scour the local pawn shop for a broke wore out one and get the housing,, off of one that i find,,glad i have 2,
  14. got the wheel off, took it apart, the pin is bent, metal shavings inside the head and chipped teeth
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