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  1. Added more of a table top to reduce the space between the top of the brake drum and table top. Also added some sides to the top with a bit of angle iron. All for freeeeeee.
  2. Second time actually. Is quite a bit of fun I find. The cut off was pitted and rusting had absolutely no edge on it. Looks like it had sat outside for years deteriorating. But a little grinding and now she cuts.
  3. Had the forge up and running and knocked out a a couple small hooks to hang my coal shovel and rake on. And a larger hook. Also cleaned up a hot cut I got when I bought my anvil. Not sure why my images are turning sideways .
  4. My anvil sets at 28 1/2 inches at the face. That's with me standing next to it closed fist and my knuckles barely brush it. The top of the forge sits at 34 1/2 inches.
  5. Well maybe tomorrow I'll curve it a bit more. I do have a hot cut hardy that needs some re finishing. As for the others those shouldn't be a problem. I've got some nice used coil springs to practice with.
  6. Nah I figured it would be rough but it works and that's what matters. Next i will be taking a shot at tongs of sorts. I don't like using pliers at all.
  7. Well I cut some slots in the plate where some of the holes all lined up as was suggested to make the opening larger. Grab some cheap hardwood charcoal to get started even though I've got 250 pounds of coal sitting in the shop. First fire is extremely satisfying. Hammered out my first project in about 15 minutes... a hold fast. Kinda ugly but i feel good about it. It works very well.
  8. Ah ok. Now I'm thinking I'll cut the lower hole larger and taller and just put a stainless bucket I have under the dump.
  9. Ok Maybe before I fire it up I'll just cut slots real quick in it. And I'll look into a exhaust flap cap instead of the screw on.
  10. Here is my take on the 55 gal brake drum forge using 2 drums a 15 dollar hair dryer. I haven't had a chance to fire it up yet. But I'm hoping to here within the next few days.
  11. Good to see another local guy. I'm over in kck, not to far away. I am curious of your support group of smith's. I haven't really heard of anyone else local blacksmithing. Either way good to see another local guy. Like Charles said look into the 55 forges. I'm close to completing mine and will share pictures when I'm done.
  12. I've been a long time lurker even before I made an account and it's time I share. Took forever to find an decent anvil for a price I was willing to pay. Which if I remember correctly was right around 200.
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