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  1. Finished product with new handle! Well worth the effort!
  2. Well, I no longer need a shaft. I figured out a way to fix my problem. I ground down the mushroomed section about 1/3 of the way around the end of the shaft at a 45 degree angle. Then I used a 24 thread per inch file to clean up the threads and the cone nut went on. I took a chance and it worked.
  3. I finally figured out a way to fix my problem. I ground down the mushroomed section about 1/3 of the way around the end of the shaft at a 45 degree angle. Then I used a 24 thread per inch file to clean up the threads and the cone nut went on. I was then able to complete the re-assembly. I found a local wood turner who is making a new handle for me. When I get that handle on I'm done! I decided to leave it bare metal with a coating of boiled linseed oil. It gives it a nice look. I'll post some pics when I get the handle. I appreciate the suggestions.
  4. An errant hammer blow dented the shaft out, so it's more than just damaged threads. Thoughts?
  5. I'm afraid it's going to take more than just filing the threads. See photo. I may have to cut off 1/4" to get past the damage. Not sure if that will leave enough threads on the other end to work out. Any thoughts?
  6. I finally got it completely apart and thoroughly cleaned. Here is everything laid out and ready to be put back together. I got the bottom worm gear and the small shaft and brass gear and pinion put in this morning. I was putting in the upper shaft and large gear and in the process of driving the shaft into the gear I rolled the end of the shaft and messed up the last few threads. Now I can't thread the cone nut on the shaft. I posted a new thread asking if anyone had a spare upper shaft to sell. I am dead in the water until I can find a new shaft.
  7. In the process of reassembling my Champion No. 400 forge blower after tearing it down and cleaning it up, I managed to mess up the end of the large gear shaft and now I can't thread the cone nut on to it. Does anyone happen to have a spare gear shaft (the one that is 7" long that the large gear fits on to) that they would be willing to sell? I was hoping someone had a Champion 400 in bad shape that they scavenged parts out of. I checked eBay and there is nothing there. I took it to a machine shop and he said that cutting 1/4 to 1/2 inches off the end was the only option. Not sure tha
  8. It operated fairly well, but only in one direction and made some noise. The outside of the housing was pretty dirty with soot. I didn't really think it needed "repairing", but I just wanted to clean it up. When I took off the top of the gear housing and saw how much soot and grease was inside, decided to take it apart and clean it up. It appears the previous owner just greased everything very heavily and didn't use oil at all. I could also see rust on the spindle in the bottom that the brass gear turns. To update, I didn't have much luck with the degreaser so I applied a little heat an
  9. I'm having second thoughts about removing the shafts. I don't want to chance damaging the gears, so I'm going to leave them in place and try using degreaser to clean out the interior of the gear housing. The gears themselves are in good shape, it's mainly the bottom of the housing that is gunked up. The previous owner apparently used grease on all internal parts rather than oil, so there's lots of it.
  10. Thanks for the advice on electrolysis. I'll go the degreaser route and see how well it does. I'll take some pics to post.
  11. The main reason I wanted to remove the gears and shafts is to clean the housing in my electrolysis tank. There is at least 1/4" of built up grease and soot covering the entire insides of the gear housing. I could just leave the gears and shafts in place and put the whole housing (minus the top) in the electrolysis tank to clean all that gunk out, and clean the outside of the housing. Any other ideas on cleaning it out? Could I leave the whole thing sitting in a tub of degreaser for a few days?
  12. I have reached a similar stage in the disassembly of my Champion 400 and have unscrewed the plugs in the housing using two steel pins and a screwdriver. I also removed the brass bearings holding the shaft, so all that remains is removing the shaft that the brass worm gear is on. I don't see any keys on the shaft so do I just drive the shaft out through the housing openings with a hammer and large punch? I also have the same situation with the large gear, except I am having trouble getting the key out of the keyway under the gear. I have mangled one end of it trying to grab it with pliers
  13. I am having a devil of a time trying to remove the two keys from the keyway on the large gear shaft. There are keys on both sides of the gear. I have mangled the one that is on the brass gear side while trying to knock it loose with a punch and hammer. I am about to the point of just drilling several holes in it and trying to break out the pieces. The one on the gear housing side is still intact, but there is very little room to work on that side. I have been spraying Kroil penetrating oil on them for two days and can't get them to budge. Please help with some suggestions. Thanks.
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