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  1. an arbor press came home with me from school today, its a bench top model and the screw is damaged but it was free and i can easily weld a flat piece of steel to drill holes into and fix the threads.
  2. just about anything it takes to run a farm, im a soil analyst, a veternian(sp?), and a welder among other things lol but really im like alot of you and a big history buff, when i get the chance to be.
  3. was in shop class one time and a couple kids where at the bench grinders shrapen something, when it caught and went flying across the room and hit the wall, turns out it was a ninja star type piece of sheet metal
  4. i have seen where one guy cut and welded 3/4 '' round rod into a cage for his, one thing to remember is if you make it heavy and bash proof what happens if a car hits it and it come flying off? or a snowplow gets it lol
  5. can i ask why? i think i know the answer but better make sure
  6. i have been asked several times this weekend about fixing the metal rim onto the wooden wheel, i got a feeling if you knew how to do it you could get some sideline business, alot of people end up with those old wagons and that, that they want restored to sit in the yard
  7. could always give them $5 and then their employees, then at the end of the day they could donate $5 back into what ever
  8. i have three hammers. two are homemade, a blower and a forge that was welded out of a tire rim. only thing that can't be sold as scrap is the blower im going to make sure that is passed on and USED for as long as possible
  9. thanks for the ideas, the best i could come up with was wrap around handles for something, see the problems that would make? we don't use barb wire fencing, have sheep so electric is 70x more effective.
  10. with a bunch of barb wire? what could i do with this stuff other then bury it in the stone fence line. its not rusty stuff that will break like nothing, but we do need it for fencing, and i cant think of an idea of how anything could be made with it. any help please
  11. what i did was took a manure spreader tire rim (its big) cut the centre out and took the centre of a car rim flipped it over and welded the two together, then took the pipe needed to make the T-joint, welded it together, and made my self a tray on the bottom to collect ash and stop air from simply flowing out the bottom. the only thing i dislike about the forge is its hard to keep your fire small.
  12. alright i hope everyone is able to see it. the first pic is the pipe i welded to the back and the second pic is the anvil its self.
  13. canuk


    great grandpa's forge blower
  14. canuk


    homemade hardy hole
  15. canuk


    homemade hardy hole
  16. alright sorry for the wait i will get some pics of it when i get home tonight, will i need to sign up to a webhosting site? if so then alright
  17. yup i have a home made rr rail anvil. and as you can imagine that is to tough to make a hardy hole in it so i took some heavy wall pipe, 1 1/2 - 1 3/4 in dia and welded it to the end gave it a couple blows from a hammer and some more passes. all i can say im proud of the job and its solid!! just have to make some tools for it now lol
  18. i started out two years ago watching a pair of smiths at fair. they could tell i was so interested they let past the rope to try it out. the following summer i made a forge with my dad and this year im volunteering at the musem as blacksmith. if you want a beginner look no farther but the fact that those two smiths took time out to let me play and introduce something of such addicting protions is something i would like to give to some one in the future.
  19. try careercruising.com that might help you find some info on it
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