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  1. never wear gloves when forging or welding, my dad was taught gloves can make you forget one day that your not wearing them when you go to pick something up. and i just sort of picked that line of thinking up too.
  2. im on the farm out in the country but i do have a camp ground beside me so if its weather that i can get in to smith away i wait until its around 10:30 or so letting people sleep in
  3. the best one i have so far in life was when my dad and i were brazing an oil line on the tractor, that had been leaking badly. by half way thru the job i needed more water to keep the engine from burning up
  4. i wouldnt worry about making food stuff from mystery metal when you heated it to form it i would say that burned any thing harmful off
  5. i dont know if its true or not but i heard that their brittle, though i used bed frame for the frame of a little lawm mower trailer
  6. when you get the kids in the back talking, let a hot piece fall out of your tongs and into the slack tub cuasing the whoosh of steam then say well that happens if you don't pay attention.
  7. anyone see it? at the beginning the one guy beating the xxxx outta truck and then they tell him that its the blacksmiths, who is just pounding on a piece of steel and has "love my truck" tattooed on his arm. lol good movie, whats your thoughts on it
  8. turns out i got a 207 pc socket set from dad, and got a 203 pc set from brother, mom gave me a new cell phone to keep in touch when she moves, and i got myself a new tool cabinet and chest to keep the tools in.
  9. what do you mean? i still have 13 more mins to go, even then i don't think he likes it when you are up sitting on ifi
  10. if i look out the back i can see the bush across our fields, if the sheep happen to be out on pasture then i can count the 185 or so of them if not then i can end up burning my steel thinking about the place, if i look out the side i can see the front of the barn and back yard, out the front in the house and road. sometimes the dog looking at me thinking" i wish you werent so loud so i could come and visit you"
  11. you have to be sixteen to buy knives in ontario. as far as making them and selling im more then 99% sure your more then ok on it
  12. i know that my great grandfather had the farm shop. and the proable forge to heat rivets, but as far as famous well i think i would have to go back to some kind of norse royalty for that. dad says that his grandfathers shop was dismantled and thrown into the gravel pit that served as a junk pit. only the blower survived. oh well
  13. careful with the gas in it. wouldnt want to comtaminate(sp?) the forge now lol
  14. what about door handles, door latches, and brackets for lights.
  15. how was it? good turn out? i guess i really must join up myself
  16. when i was dial up i forge was the fastest one i was one, now im not noticing anyhting but faster results
  17. going to the wife saying you need all these annex's (which you do) might just put you in the need for that shop bedroom, shop kitchen, shop living room lol
  18. lol i guess i need to be more observant. oh well
  19. what about a general idea of the area you come from, so any new smiths or whatever could possibly find a mentor, im in the owen sound area myself
  20. robb martin is a great guy from what little i know him (met him once and bought a bag of coal from) but his prices for tools seem a tad over priced in my humble opinion. but hes in Floradale near St. Thomas. for a new vise its $699. but he sells stanley and picard hammers.
  21. as far as anything auto dark helmet under 200 bad, i bought my dad a auto darking helment at a surplus store when they first came out really, for $60 and its lasted up until now and is still going strong, and sitting around a farm its abused abit in getting left screen down.
  22. i was wondoring if that metal shipping strap you find in the scrap bin, when made into a damcous(sp?) if it could be usefull or a waste of time? thanks for any help
  23. did you make the hoof pick out of a horse shoe? it looks great, and the cross it amazing,
  24. beard, and short hair, only guy in high school that has one that isnt weak and thin,
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