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  1. Ok so there is a bit more to it than I had thought I appriciate your responce
  2. Here recently I was dreaming up a project that I would need to put one ½in bar through another but I wasn't sure were to start... would anyone be willing to lay out the steps or even a starting point to doing this?
  3. I was up that way about October when I first started picking up smithing I would have been overjoyed to see something like this so a truely hope you can get this going. Even if you can't find a smith close enough to help out or join you I would suggest sticking around the site a lot of the folks on here are some of the most knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful people you could meet
  4. What I use is a peice of square stock 5"x5"x12" it makes a beautiful substitute if you can find some
  5. I'm in south east tn there is a local club here send me a PM and I'll see if I can get your pointed in their direction
  6. Funny you should ask I went to get my first load of coal ended up getting about 80lbs I pulled up on the scale the lady looked at the price and said "ya know what? Its not enough to worry about go ahead and take it. Marry christmas!" And so I got to light my first forge fire christas weekend
  7. Yes I had planned on using a lid with a hole punched in it but I can't seem to find a lid so it looks like I'm stuck just burning it
  8. I'm trying to fugure this one out. As we speak I was planning on chucking my 33g drum in a bon fire I figure it should work about the same right?
  9. hows this? 5x5x12 square stock roughly 85lb next to my profile pic that's a bit redundant
  10. Search modern blacksmith on youtube he has a few good starter turorials and all around good information and look at the the blacksmithing general forum the "what do you need to get started in blackmithing" thread there will put things into prospective as far as tools go
  11. I'll hopefully be picking up the steel tomorrow then I'll have to find the proper stump maybe try to get some pictures up in the process (if there is intrest)
  12. That's great to hear! Found out its only mild steel though so I'll need to figure out how to go about getting the proper hardness on the face I was weighing my options heat treating it my self I don't think I'll be able to heat the whole exposed 6 inchest of the block would the first 2 or 3 inches suffice?
  13. I've been giving homemade anvils a lot of thought lately and after the video posted by Glenn in "What do you need to get started in Blacksmithing?" it got me to thinking what makes an anvil a good one or a awful one? assuming mass placement and the quality of the face (hard, soft, rough, or smooth) are the key factors I've got a 5"x5"x1' piece of square stock (very heavy duty stuff used to make drive shafts for larger electric motors) sinking it vertically into a stump about 6" hardening the end (face to be) i figure it would make a fine anvil even if its basic can you think of any reason this wouldn't work? or how to make this better? I've got very little experience with this. so this is mostly based off logic (which can be quite faulty at times) so any tips or tricks or general knowledge would be greatly appreciated.
  14. sounds like a fantastic idea if anyone catches wind of something like this going on in (or around) east Tennessee let me know
  15. Where can I find information on these sorts of classes? I watched one of his videos on this subject not to long ago but there wasn't enough info for me to do this at home.