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  1. Slingblade Very nice!! mitch4gings suggestion of starting you blade on the bias after you do your twist is a easy way to start cause it make it easier (for me) to get the blade shape. imoa Keep up the good work.
  2. Thanks Loneforge will try that as soon as my arm heals.
  3. Thanks everybody for the great info. I just got a set of strut springs from a friend and I will try my hand at doing one out of them will keep you all posted. Thanks again frozenshrimp
  4. Thanks guys for the kind words and the excellent advice. I have a ton of rr spikes but I'm working on getting my stock up of other metals, been able to get some that has been painted (from a old forklift cage) and don't know if I can use it and I'm sure I will have to strip the paint off before I can use it.
  5. This is my first rr spike knife it took me 30 minutes to forge it and 6 1/2 hrs for grinding and sanding. It has some flaws but turned out pretty good for my first one. Thanks for any comments and suggestions for future knife projects... frozenshrimp
  6. Hello everyone my name is Sean I live in Oklahoma. I've been looking around the site for a couple of weeks and figured I better intoduce myself. I am new to blacksmithing and looking forward to learning a lot from all you veteran blacksmiths.
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