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  1. 2014 Annual Fall Knife Show in Janesville, WI Custom, factory, collectible and antique knives of all kinds. Oct. 3-4, 2014 Holiday Inn Express and Janesville Conference Center Friday: Noon- 7:00 p.m. | Saturday: 8:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. Admission: $5.00 at the Door Early Bird Pass: $20.00 Allows Admission at 9:00 a.m. Friday and 7:00 a.m. Saturday
  2. Stainless over 1095 San Mai blade 11.5 inches, stainless guard and butt cap. Stainless chain maille. Thanks for taking a look. Peter
  3. The Badger show is just around the corner, 175+ tables of custom and collectible knives held at the newly updated Holiday Inn Express Conference Center in Janesville WI. Show hours are Friday Noon to 7PM, Saturday 8AM to 5PM and Sunday 9AM to 2PM. Early bird passes are available. Holiday Inn Express 3100 Wellington Place Janesville WI 53546 (800) 756-3100 Stop in and see some amazing knives :D Peter
  4. I built a few air hammers and used mufflers from a lawn tractor, pointed to the ground and they work very well. Peter
  5. Just a reminder of the upcoming knife show in Janesville, WI on October 11 & 12 held at the Holiday Inn Express. Friday noon to 7PM and Saturday 8 to 2PM, lots of knife makers and vendors with sharp pointy objects. Early bird passes available, Hope to see you there, Peter
  6. I just received a response from Sid about my 2 hammers, the late style 50lb was sold to a blacksmith shop in Black creek WI in 1944 and the old style 100lb was originally sold to Byer & Olson hardware in Racine WI in 1918. Really neat info to have, I think. Peter
  7. Built this one for the Blade show and thought I'd show it off here. 3 1/2" pool pattern blade, ball bearing pivot, Mokuti bolsters and carved Bog Oak scales. 1/16" thick titanium liners, damascus filler and pocket clip. Thanks for taking a look and stop by my table 8DD at the show. Peter
  8. Very nice! Like the choice of materials and colors. Peter
  9. Just off the bench is this lockback auto with titanium liners, damascus spring, lockbar, blade and bolsters. The bullet is mokume and copper, thanks for taking a look. Peter
  10. I finished up this gent's pocket knife with Ladder pattern blade, mosaic bolsters and Mammoth ivory scales, thanks for taking a look. Peter
  11. Fresh off the bench, I finished this one today for the upcoming Northern Lakes Knife show here in Wisconsin. This is a commissioned piece I hope the owner will be as pleased as I am, twist mosaic damascus blade with a stainless and Opal thumb stud. The frame is 144 layer nickel and wrought iron and the spring is 180 layer nickel and 1095 random. Titanium liners keep everything still and backs the black lip pearl underlays. Thanks for taking a look, Peter
  12. I've had this same welder for over 25 years, and in its day it was state of the art for body shops. Gerat welder, great find!
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