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  1. Thanks guys! I'll definitely post up more as I finish them. One thing I'm learning is that handle shaping is tricky! I've also been trying to draw up a makers so I can etch the blades with my name so hopefully the next one I finish will be marked. I will also be heat treating and breaking a couple blanks that I have ground out to see how my heat treat is doing.
  2. Hey, I just finished up my third knife. Just over 9" OAL and a cutting edge of just over 4". Forged from 5160 (Aldo's) steel, full flat grind, black canvas Micarta handle scales with yellow liners and stainless steel pins. It is hard to tell from the pictures but the tang is tapered too. I need to work on making the taper more noticeable. There are a few things that I still find "off" with the proportions and shape but it feels good to get another one done and under the belt. Each one will get better than the previous. Questions, comments and critiques welcome! My second knife was made at a class at NESM and is a large chopper, not sure if I should make a separate post for that. If there is interest I can post it here.
  3. Thanks guys! I've been carrying it and using it for everyday tasks and it has been holding up just fine. I am happy with this knife and I'll be sure to share more when I can.
  4. Here is mine, I still need to get it mounted in a stump. It will be nice to use for smaller stock and making small scrolls and curves Wish I could figure out the makers mark on it.
  5. Thanks all for the kind words. It was a long and slow process but a great learning experience. It will probably take me a few times to start getting the process down. There are a few things that I find a little off balance but I guess I will always be able to see the flaws. I am excited to see what else I will be able to create.
  6. This is my first forged and finished knife that I have completed. As you'll see at the end of the album I have ground on a handful of blades but I was not getting good results that I wanted. A friend and local bladesmith was generous enough to take time out of his weekends to help coach me through the process of forging to finishing. OAL is 8 3/4" with a 4" blade full flat grind with a convex edge, tapered tang. Steel is 1084 from Aldo the NJ steel baron and handle is black linen micarta with red liners. I have lurked and searched here for almost a year soaking up any and all info and tips and tricks that I could find and apply. Please feel free to ask any questions, comments or critiques. Thanks Here is an album with a bunch of pictures through the process http://imgur.com/a/ztxfZ
  7. John, I will get some more pictures of the mounting table but from what I can tell it looks like it was handmade by the previous owner, did a good job but it doesn't have a from the factory feel or look to it. I will try to investigate further.
  8. Yeah I want to mount that stake that is under the table in the pictures in its own stump. I think it would be good for some smaller work
  9. A little while ago my father picked up this stake plate with a table for me, knowing it had something to do with metalwork. Haven't found much out about BARTH but It is almost identical to some of the Pexto plates that I have seen here. I don't do much sheet metal work so I might have to find a different suitable use for it or maybe just use it as a tong and hammer rack.
  10. So I rummaged up some old textbooks yesterday and was able to sell them back for $150. I also stumbled across a CL listing of an anvil with stand. Good timing. Got in touch with the guy and drove over. Real nice guy, local machinist and he was building a 30's ford coupe hotrod in his garage. He said he weighed it at 100 lbs and I think its a Trenton. It has a great ring, good rebound and the face is flat and pretty smooth with with edges in decent shape. Some damage to the tail, looks like a torch cut but that's the only real damage to an otherwise great looking anvil The stand is alright but it will probably be upgraded to a stump when I can find one. Paid $200 for it, he was a good guy but firm on his asking price. This will go nicely with my (what I think is a 169 lb) Wilkinson that is in pretty decent shape but has some tail damage and a little bit of a dip in the face. I still need to get it back to my shop and cleaned up with a wire wheel but I'm happy with essentially only paying $50 for it Here is an album with more pictures http://imgur.com/a/ZECfG
  11. Thanks, I don't really work with sheet metal so I might have to come up with some other use for it. This was a gift from my father, he came across it and knew it had something to do with blacksmithing/metalworking, I think he paid under 300 for it including the table it sits in. I guess for now I'll use it for a table and a tong and hammer rack until I come up with a use for it
  12. Thanks Thomas! I didn't even know what to call it. Good to hear that they are useful. I plan on mounting the stake into a stump at some point. So If i stick to light forging on the stake plate I should be fine? what about using it as a bending jig? I guess I need to start finding and making stakes for the plate.
  13. Recently acquired some new tools and was wondering if anyone might know any info on them. Sawge table? maybe? http://imgur.com/pENHrYf http://imgur.com/ph7Tqnm Anyone ever hear of a company called BARTH? http://imgur.com/eUBzedB A couple tongs too http://imgur.com/OQBEs2r http://imgur.com/CZzYtMz http://imgur.com/d9DR0hd http://imgur.com/wiBhKxM http://imgur.com/h1q2xKq And this is a Stake anvil I have had for a little while and was wondering if anyone might happen to know anything about it. http://imgur.com/toioOk3 http://imgur.com/OLZsFP0 http://imgur.com/wiYrqDj
  14. It was the 4 day beginner blacksmith class taught by Dereck Glaser that they did this spring, not exactly sure on the dates
  15. I really like it so far, Easy to set up and run. I'm just starting out with blacksmithing and making knives (only stock removal so far). I have only taken a beginner blacksmith class at New England School of Metalwork and loved it, I plan on taking more classes there when I'm done with school. I travel between Bangor and the midcoast for school and work
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