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  1. You can get coal at Gulf Coast Blacksmith meetings. Gulfcoastblacksmith.com for info. PM me and I can spare a hundred pounds or more till you get hooked up. Chuck
  2. There will be no December meeting for GCBA. We will meet again Saturday, January 23 2016. Please enjoy a Happy Holiday Season.
  3. Our August meeting will be on Saturday August 22nd at Buddy Leonard's shop ( 61 Hyacinthc Dr, Covington Louisiana) Starts at 10 a.m. Come visit us for a good demonstration, lots of forge time , good food and friends.
  4. Welcome to the site. You are off to a good start. Your work improves with each attempt. Try looking at the third one a different way. It didn't break, you broke it. Study what went wrong and what you have to do to not let it happen again. The metal only does what you make it do and if you don't pay attention to each forging, successful or unsuccessful your skills cannot improve. Just something I wish someone had told me in the beginning. Your fourth one looks good and I would like to borrow your design.
  5. RIP Danny, You will be sadly missed by Gulf Coast Blacksmith Association
  6. Hopefully everyone enjoyed a safe and happy Holiday Season. Now is the time to focus our attention on the new forging opportunities that 2015 will offer. This promises to be a busy year and attendance to our monthly meetings will insure you are kept up to date with the many upcoming events this year. Our first meeting will be at Buddy Leonard's shop in Covington Louisiana on Saturday January 17. It will begin at 10 a.m. with a business meeting to discuss the upcoming year. Chuck Robinson will provide an update on where we stand with the Blacksmith Helper workshop and other news will be
  7. I know this is short notice for IFI viewers. If anyone can attend please stop by. Both GCBA and LAMA are very active and provide great demonstrators each month. I will work on getting some pictures up soon. We hold these joint meetings two or three times each year. Looking forward to meeting some IFI members..
  8. Our final meeting for 2014 will be held on Saturday November 8th at Ed Lancaster's shop in Abita Springs Louisiana. The address is 23218 Jarrell Street, Abita Springs Louisiana. This is a joint meeting with LAMA and our chance to meet other blacksmiths from the surrounding area. Expect an informative and inspirational meeting, take notes and pictures while meeting new Smiths and learning new forge techniques. The featured demonstrator will be Master Bladesmith Chris Marks. No one presents a demo quite like Chris and there will be something for everyone to learn. This is a rare opportunit
  9. Thank you for the welcome. Our home shop is in Covington Louisiana, the East side of the state.. Usually we meet there on the 4th Saturday each month. Our November 2014 meeting has been moved to this Saturday, November 8th at Ed Lancasters shop in Abita Springs, Louisiana. It is a joint meeting with LAMA and our featured demonstrator will be Bladesmith, Chris Marks. Everyone is welcomed to attend.
  10. Blacksmiths from Alaska to England have advised you to look up Brian Brazeal. Try the advice you are getting from them. There is a reason for every step of the hammer. Chuck
  11. Gulf Coast Blacksmith Association is having a meeting Saturday February 22 in Covington La. This is a short drive for you to meet 25-40 local blacksmiths. We have a short business meeting at 10am followed by a demonstration at the main forge. There are seven forges set up for members to use the rest of the day. Even if you don't join you are welcome to stay and learn as much as you can. Look me up if you visit and I will show you around. Chuck Averett www.gulfcoastblacksmith.com
  12. Welcome to the site. What a great way to start this journey!
  13. Heat it up, put it in the hardy hole then use a smooth jaw twisting wrench to twist it where you want it. It looks good to me
  14. Welcome, you have found a great place to start. Almost every question you will have has been addressed and with a little searching you can get answers fast. We like to share photos so show your forge build and then some of your projects. Most of all enjoy the site. Chuck
  15. The above mentioned books are all good sources for general information but a hands on.class will bring you up to speed faster. Contact Alec Steele in the UK and get in one of his classes. You can PM him here in IFI, YouTube or under International Young Smiths on Facebook. Enjoy your journey. Chuck
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