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  1. is it possible to put a metal bowl on it for protection? Something like this '>
  2. Greetings! What would the requirements be for a coal forge? And if i wish to build one, what would be handy to install on the Forge? I plan to make a forge for my school project. And what types of material is used for a forge? So far i still need to find a good design. And what kind of size would be good for a starter? Thanks in advance
  3. A bit off topic, but what kind of material you use? And could people use RVS f( rust free steel)or the frame?
  4. Interesting, thanks folks for so far comments. This good think material
  5. Thanks! is there alot of difference from EU to US?
  6. Greetings fellow blacksmit followers, This might be a question that isn't asked that many times. If you are making a living out of blacksmiting what do you do? Do you fix things or make tools ? And is there a market for? Or simply said do you make suitable money to keep your needs? Cheers
  7. I think when people acknowledge your skills, and when they call you a blacksmit.
  8. Cheers! So far i havent decide what kind of study i wish to do after this one, that why i thought i might follow blacksmithing. Thanks for the reactions, i for sure shall search the forurms. And i am not that old, so i could have a full course for a study of Bs.
  9. Thanks for the reactions! So no books are really recommened ?
  10. Greetings fellow humans, I am starting to get curious about blacksmiting and all the trades around that. Now i wonder, if i want to dig deeper into the belly of iron, were do i begin? Is it wise to read some first books about the perk? And i read on wiki pedia there is a school for blacksmiths in the UK. Did any one of this forum, followed a studie? I am from the Netherlands so i could travel to the place for that studie if it is possible. At the moment i follow the studie mechanical engineering in the about 1,5 years to go. Does this maybe give me a little edge if i am going to start the profession. I never would have tought there would be this kind of forum on the internet. Cheers, VCE R
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