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  1. Thank you all for the wisdom. I will be looking for somthing else to create a holddown with. Anybody got any ideas for 24" pieces of hollow drill stem? It is really nice steel.
  2. Thanks for the tip on quenching...that would not be a fun experience. I am using this piece of scrap because it is what I have on hand but thanks for the suggestion of the tire iron. I will be on the lookout for one of those.
  3. I will be firing up my forge for the third time this weekend and I plan to make a hold down tool that will allow me to work without bothering my neighbor when I need to punch a hole. I am planning to use a piece of 3/4 x 18" drill stem for this piece. This piece is hollow and that got me wondering if it was OK to use. I plan to use tongs to avoid any hot gasses that might flow through the piece. Does anyone have any advice for working with hollow stock?
  4. Gentlemen, I appreciate the advice. I certainly do not wish to poison my neighbors. Big thanks to Steve Sells for pointing out this obvious problem with grinding it off at home. I am going to take it to a local chrome shop and ask what they charge to take the chrome off.
  5. I have read most of the safety posts on this site and Google searches about avoiding Heavy Metal fumes and this is something I am taking very seriously. That said...I was recently gifted 2 large 30" chromed socket wrenches with busted heads. I am curious to know if I were to use a grinder to remove the chrome covering do others believe it would then be safe to forge? The man who gave me the socket asked if I could attempt to make him a large hammer out of one of the wrenches.
  6. Just wanted to introduce myself. I am new to blacksmithing and have only made a few small hooks and a fire poker. I have been lurking on the board for a few weeks and have learned a lot. I am glad there is a forum for help and safety topics for those of us without access to other smiths.
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