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  1. Recently I purchased a leg vice and receive a parts vice. I've assembled both to the point needing 1 screw box. Now in 2017 is there any more current information on this subject of leg vice screw box. Thanks in advance Honcho bbqhoncho@gmail.com
  2. Our prayers for Brother Bill
  3. I sure hope the blue kettle isn't a Weber grill. That sure was a ole classic and I thing some of the BBQers would be crying if the saw this... signed BBQ Honcho But the Idea sure looks like a good one to me
  4. You know if you showed me that pix of Burt from Gun Smoke. I don't think I would know that was an I'm 57. My Dad, Brother, and myself watched that all the time. Sux gettin OLD....LOL Who am I ??
  5. If you look at my profile, you'll see hobbies that cost $. Seems to be the way I do things. 1 thing I did learn when BBQin is you can learn on your own and spend lots on meat to throw away. Or you can take a class. But I didn't see that on any list, I could have missed it But that can be the place you don't want to cut corners. Good classes will save BIG $$ in meat and supplies I see the same thing happening here. I joined http://www.nysdb.org/ Every meeting the elders ( LOL, I'm 57 ) teach us something. I can't thank them enough Somethings don't seem to mean anything, till you look at the whole picture. I'm just a new guy here trying to learn, Oh thanks for all your help n clues. You want to learn bbq, I can help, I owe Y'all
  6. I'm thinkin of using this on my blower motor. Any comments ? http://www.harborfreight.com/momentary-power-foot-switch-96619.html
  7. Thanks for posting, Lots of good ideas you got goin on. Congrats
  8. Look on e-bay. Thats were I find info on a lot of stuff Good Luck. let us know what you find Please
  9. I also have 1 just like that. I used a pipe bender and made new legs for mine. The threads were all rusted thin causing it to wobble. Mine screw in. I looked on eBay all the time to learn the name of the tools and equipment Blacksmiths use. I saw 1 there for $2300 ( all painted pretty) and still going. I forgot about it for a few days, by the time I got back it was gone and I didn't see the price it went for. I was told not to burn in it till I put in some heat cenment. I hope to this weekend. I stopped at the hardware store and picked up a cast iron drain cover for the sewer vent for $6 and change. Think I'll trim the 4 legs off the cast iron to lower it to the floor of the pot and install the cenment the way Phil said. Thanks Phil..I gotta get the new phone to post the event
  10. Great Job. I can see by the work you've done on that rail you'll be a great Blacksmith. Congrats to you
  11. Dave we should have our own forum LOL. I'm lookin to you for help at both threads. When you say your using SOFT bricks I see frie bricks in your pix I understand soft bricks to bee kinda like Styrofoam and easy as butter to cut. Do I have them mixed up ? I did start door like yours. but I still may use 1 20# tank instead of 2, 20# tanks Thanks for all you help Gents.. Someday when I get this done and banging some metal. I'll beable to help the next batch of new "Iron Heads"
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