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  1. No my propane setup is a different torch
  2. Phil, how would you do a file test?
  3. Thanks all I was running acetylene because it was what an author of a book I was reading was using. I switched over to propane and after about ten minutes my peice got non magnetic so I quenched it in oil. It looked all kosher so I asume i got a nice heat treat. I think ill do the same with some scrap and have it Rockwell tested just to make sure. Thanks again! Ty
  4. Hello, I made the standard one brick forge for hardening some small blades and I am using an acetylene torch to heat it it. I have a metal heating tip on the torch and have it situated about 5 inches off of the opening of the hole. I make the inner flame about an inch long. As the soft fire brick begins to heat up all of a sudden the torch starts popping like a pack of lady fingers and I have to shut it off. What am I doing wrong?
  5. I am trying to flat grind metal for knives I am making. I am looking for a peice of equipment that will run me about a hundred bucks. I am wondering if I should buy a 12 inch disk sander or a 4x 48 belt sander. What would you all recommend? Would there be any modifications I could make like mounting some rubber behind the sand paper to keep from putting accidental scratches on the peice im working? Any advice is welcome.
  6. Thank you all for the help, your advice is invaluable. I will use my angle grinder to do the job until I can save up for something that cuts a little more precisely. Do you think a plasma cutter is worth the cash?
  7. Hello, I am learning how to cut with an acetylene torch. I have watched a lot of videos of people making nice precise cuts and every time I go cut I burn a wide swath through. I read an article that said you are supposed to put the thickness of the inner flame a little more than the thickness you are trying to cut. I am trying to cut 1/8th inch D2 steel and I cant seem to get my inner flame to that size without turning it into a bunch of little individual blue flames. My torch isn't a victor its some knock off. Do I need to pony up and buy a better torch or am I don't something wrong?
  8. I am trying to upload some images but I keep getting error message 403, any suggestions?
  9. Made my first forge today. I cut a groove in two soft fire bricks and stacked hard fire bricks around it. I cut a fire hole in the side that is deeper and higher than the working chamber. I cut a hole in a third fire brick to hold my oxy acettlene torch at the fire hole. I used a metal heating tip and cranked it up. After a couple of minutes it glowed red inside. I havent tried to work with it yet. Comments or concerns are welcome, thanks!
  10. I just saw this "redneck" anvil for sale for dirt cheap and I was wondering if it would be worth the effort at all. I am just getting into forging knives and I know that this would not be the anvil of my dreams but if I could snag it for around 20 bucks do you guys think it would get me by until I saved up enough money to buy the real deal? It looks like its an I beam that was cut and welded onto a stand. It has obviously gotten some use so it should be good for something right?
  11. Yeah, fantastic response. I am going to check out those books and start looking for an 150 lb anvil. I liked the page with your friends home made fork lift anvil. I have seen several rail road rail anvils, but I liked how that anvil was vertical. Would it be ok to weld a hardened piece of steel onto a vertically oriented railroad track? Ty
  12. Hello there, I am a new cutler and I want to get into forging some of my knives the old fashion way. Thus I need an anvil, but I don't really know much about them. I know it needs to have a nice hard face but thats about it. For making small to medium size blades how big of an Anvil should I get? What should I expect to pay? Are there any blade forging books you guys would recommend? Thanks!
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