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  1. Looks like she's been asleep for awhile. Like any old girl out of the mix for some time should clean up real nice and be eager to get right back to the dance. Bob Seger, "Rock & Roll Never Forgets".
  2. Ecmartin, hello and welcome to IFI. Semper Fi Bro always nice to see another Marine join the forum, there are several of us here. That is a beautiful anvil and should serve you well (and your son for all of his life and your grandson for all of his life...)
  3. Hello Dabbs and welcome to IFI. There are several exellent books on the subject and if I had to choose if any of them were the be all end all on the subject it is hands down definitely The Journal Of Historical Armsmaking Technology, a five volume set released from 1985-1991. Brace yourself for some sticker shock if you try to acquire these tomes because they are not being reprinted and are in demand. If you can find them you will pay dearly for them. http://www.bogjagt.dk/product.asp?product=5489 Don't worry though because as I said there are several exellent books out there. Here are a few~ http://www.americanlongrifles.com/Books_frame.htm And here~ http://www.dixiegunworks.com/advanced_search_result.php?s=1&keywords=Book&osCsid=3v9bn82fkei2u8s9bj3qgpbub3 I highly recommend that you send for the print catalog from Dixie Gun Works, trust me you will not be able to put it down. Along with several books on muzzleloading and building them they also have a huge selection of parts and tools specific to blackpowder gunsmithing. Regards.
  4. Scot that anvil requires no "fixing" whatsoever. There is nothing wrong with it and nevermind the chips, just work around them. If you simply must have a good clean edge to work with then investigate the heel, that edge is usually chip free. Working cold iron is what put those chips there so remember, strike while the iron is hot! Do NOT feel you must "fix" anything such as weld or grind on it. Just use it as is. Congrats, you scored a nice anvil.
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