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  1. I can' tell if it was ground/milled off. All i can say for sure is I'm not the first guy to hammer on it. It's had a hard life There it is. You can see the piece mesing on th edge there are another couple cracks. One at the hardy hole.
  2. The top is wore off and the wrought iron body is showing through in plaes I might try that thanks
  3. Hi guys I got a question for you. My old mouse hole anvil (best guess) is wore out. The hardened top is almost totally gone. I'm looking for suggestions on a fix. I can't fix it by forge welding a new top on. I don't have a big enough forge. Any suggestions?
  4. I should add I was never a big fan of them either until I held one. For a working knife I really like them, better than wood. I should add be careful using chemicals like bleach. I washed the blade with water then wiped it down with alcohol when I was switching chemicals. I don't know enough to advise people on chemicals use so better safe than sorry. Thanks for the comments guys
  5. I tried so much stuff I'm not 100% sure but bleach seamed to work the best. The key was to soak in bleach then rub with steel wool. I did 20 cycles of bleach then scrub trying to keep the finish even
  6. Here is my latest take on the kukri. I was trying for a Rick Marchand look (without trying to build a copy) rugged and coarse sort of like it was just dug out of the ground. The blade is 5160 with a heavy etch, wrought iron fittings and cord handle. The cord is soaked in epoxy, I peened the pommel on so its good and solid. Here is a close up of the etch Random handle pics
  7. I'm no expert but it looks great to me. I like the tire and motor low like that good job
  8. Thanks guys for the comments guys.
  9. Here is the latest 1095 with a dirty hamon (for lack of a better term) and a cord wrapped handle. The blade is 5 3/4" long, the guard is mild steel, hammer finish and antiqued.
  10. Wow I just saw this thread, I would love to try this. Thanks for posting
  11. I here you about the coatings, I'm a little paranoid about my lungs. I like the twisted square stock like a spiral nail. I want to make some gate hardware and don't want to ruin the look with galvanized hardware. I guess I will buy and modify.
  12. Anybody ever try to make lag bolts? I have tried to figure out a way to make screw threads but I'm drawing a blank.
  13. The knife is roughly square 4 1/2" blade and 4 1/2" handle, 9" over all Thanks guys for the comments Hey Darren that would be pretty cool, if your over this side of the bay stop by
  14. I finally got a knife done. A little drop point hunter. 1095 blade steel, 416 guard, and stabilized walnut handle. Been rough getting anything built in 2014 (Small kids seam to take up a lot of time) Comments good bad or otherwise are always welcome.
  15. Yes I try to sell a few here and there. Thanks for the comments guys
  16. The tang that extends beyond the handle that is the way to open it. I made a short video that shows it working. Thanks for the comments guys https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=67bPFWwNiD4&feature=youtu.be
  17. It has been a long time in the making but here is my first liner lock. The specs are D2 blade, Titanium liners, Micarta or G10 scales (I forgot what I bought). Comments good bad or otherwise are welcome
  18. I thought I would post up my latest. The handle is stabilized spalted maple, 1084 blade 8" long, brass guard. Comments good or bad are always welcome
  19. I use oil to quench, water is rough on 1084. Thanks guys
  20. Another one like the last one. 1084 edge quenched, stabilized maple burl. 416 stainless guard. Now I have some sheathes to make
  21. Here is one I have just finished. 1084 edge quenched, stabilized maple burl handle, brass guard. 4 1/2" blade, 9" overall. Opinions are always welcome.
  22. Thanks guys Good to see your over hear Rob. Lots of cool stuff to try in your new forge
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