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  1. ​Hi Leeknivek. I have used standard welding rod of 3.2 mm dia, There is no secrets, I promise remake the welded threaded, but after make tests that satisfy me. I have a security chain shown before in this post. Regards. Hugo.
  2. ​It is truth that you observed in two join of linkage. "Seems less robust than the rest of the design", I agree. But It is a little power hammer. The "substantial forces" that you mention are only just (no more) to acelerate a 8 - 10 Kg (16-20 lbs) and the efford is only traction. The plate seccion is 3/8" x 1". Dinamical traction efford could be double (40 lbs). However, I have'n confidence in that welded threaded rod, and if you are interested, I invite you to read my response to a similar considerations of Quarry Dog, where I show in a picture with a posible solution of the problem. Do no
  3. ​I read carefully your considerations, and you are right about security to prevent accidents. My tire hammer is in test period and I thought for normal production, put a jail style protect for all parts with movement. But in reading your comment i thought that could be an accident before normal operation, in example a collapse weld in any of two join that could be collapse. I deside for now, add a security chain between the principal arms of linkage. It prevent shots of the arms outside linkage and reduce probability of accidents. Thank you for open my eyes, I appreciate that. When I'll buil
  4. ​You are right about weak spots in welding, but there is a generous security factor in design of thins. My welder type is electric welder with common electrode. I´m using 3.2 mm dia electrode in most cases.
  5. In order to achieve a member requeriment, I show my Dupont style linkage design, and if you have any question, don't hesitate to ask me. The linkage is builded in 4x4 cm pipe, 3.2 mm thin, and have two types of join. 1- Welded hubs in extremes of arms, with shafts fixed with tighten screws, that pass throught pipe. 2- Floating hubs and shaft inside pipe, fixed with tighten screw.
  6. ​Short and juicy sentence. Thank you. Regards. ​I promise you make the video. Regards. Hugo. ​Thank you Scott. Regards. ​You don't will lose your bet. Thank you. ​Thank you Kevan. Regards. ​Thank you very much. Regards. Hugo. ​Thank you for your comment. Regards.
  7. Hi guys, after few month of nothing to show, I show you my project about the design and build of my tire hammer. I began with choice of power hammer type, and I searched for on Internet. My room space and financial limits, brings me to choice a design that total weight can't exceed 120 Kg., and in that searching, I found an Idea developed by Sam Salvatti, and shown in this forum in SEP'12, a "Wheel hammer project" or similar. Sam's project match with all my limitations, even though it was few defects or wrong manner of make it simple, that I tryed overlap it, perhaps my own "wrong manner of ma
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