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Chasing and repousse video tutorials

saign charlestein

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welcome aboard Saign, glad to have you. If you'll put your general location in the header you'll discover how many of the IFI gang live within visiting distance.


Thank you for the repousse tutorials, it's a great expressive craft and lots of the gang here collect skills sets just because we can. Life without challenges is just processing food and air.


Frosty The Lucky.

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Howdy and welcome Saign  :D


Thanks for the links to your tutorials library.


I dabble with the processes, but you sure have them mastered and your Tutorial Tuesday clearly show/explain how I can advance my own skills further.


All your work is super high quality and your portfolio book cover is way over the top!


Look forward to seeing more of your future work and upcoming vids so will be watching :ph34r:  


Be safe!



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Saign thanks for posting those links.  I devoured that entire series in one sitting, I couldn't stop watching.  The chasing and repousse was very interesting and something that I've never considered, but it looks like something that like you said in one of the videos I might find incredibly relaxing.  The amount of patience and attention to detail required are right up my alley.


Aside from that....that hammer made me absolutely drool!!!  Is that series still in the works?  I can't wait to see you complete that project!!!!!!!

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I've seen Saign Charlestein's work on another site and have been following him for quite a while. 


Your work is nothing short of inspirational.  Besides the fact you made armor for one of my all time favorite movies, The Chronicles of Ridick.  I'll never get that good.  But I'll sure enjoy watching yours.

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