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  1. Need to stop playing and make some tools up http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=V7u_pc3pFP8
  2. First batch of pokers all with drawing die only , and test two heat as in video. John has done a great job with this Hammer. hits hard, and no bounce when down to small stuff
  3. http://youtu.be/s17RA3JDyJo testing , love it,http://youtu.be/WN4CbKp9EfI skip the first 50 secs its all arse
  4. Tractor with front lift coming 930 tomro morning , thanks John , looks great .
  5. Lorry got stuck its as far as it will go this eve , triple wraoed for night , frost no rain i hope
  6. old rams head good winter light today , New hammer from Massey forging now in ireland on lorry
  7. Have a look if you work on your own
  8. Thank you all for the positive comments , i have spent far to much time reading information on this site , which i have found great .i have spent all me money on a new hammer from john n c41 25 kg and im so excited , and it should be here soon will post pics of other stuff thank all Harry Rice base of Muckish mountain Donegal Eire
  9. bronze forge panel ,all part recycled , with in 5 miles of forge , wood off beach frame old wrought fence stays , other metal from old machine mc nultys tweed factoy ,hot punched ,plasma cut one side hot cut other .
  10. Its a bobin roller for fishing nets, rolls on sea bed to hold net down and the other parts a old wrought re forged that come from old wall at me house , all parts recycled
  11. Hi all sorry if i get this wrong ,been trying to post pics for a while , thanks harry rice ,