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  1. I went back to home depot and got WD 40 specialist. I got the rust resistant type and pressure washed it again and sprayed the sides of it. I read decent reviews of it and just wanted to keep the black/silver look instead of painting it. Worked out very good just with little rust came back. Tried my anvil this morning for the first time and I gotta say I love it! Never used an anvil to work and it made a huge different compared to my crappy cast iron anvil and the piece of railroad track that I used. Now I just gotta find time to and make something! Thanks for all the feedback!
  2. Got her nice and cleaned. I just tried electrolysis for the first time and it was an excellent experience. I used some rust inhibitor that I got recommended at home depot but it didnt work as expected. Got some rust back on it after the oil dried up. Just gonna use the anvil like that and maybe in a few weeks try using something different. Here's a picture after I took it out and pressure washed it. Seems like the previous owner painted her black.
  3. Thanks for the clarification. It's a 21 in the end if I looked correctly so its 161lb. The rebound right in the center is about 90% and most of other places is around 70-85% percent according to my measurements. I was considering using electrolysis to remove the rust of the stand and anvil and I read that using warm or boiled linseed oil helps with the coating and rust. Is that correct or did I misread? Thank you MC hammer! I was very excited to find my anvil and I can't complain about the extra items! The post seems to open and close properly. Little hard to close and o
  4. I finally was able to get my first anvil. Took me a few weeks of asking around and I was fortune enough to check craiglist before going to bed. Found it 2 hours away from Reno Nv in California and immediately went the next morning. The gentleman wanted $600 and included bunch of things such as a coal forge with a blower, multiple tongs and hardy tools, a metal working table, a blacksmith vice, a regular vice for the table, cut off bandsaw, and finally the anvil with the stand. I think it was a lucky find! He was a retired blacksmith that just wanted to sell everything together. I wa
  5. MC Hammer I'm sorry to hear about your friend. I can see how having someone wanting something you made have a positive affect on the person who made the object. I know it's not all about the money in some situations and I'll keep that in mind. Thank you for sharing and the advice.
  6. Spoke to the seller and told him that I wasn't willing to pay $750 even if the anvil was in a good condition. Also told him if he drop the price to a reasonable price I would go and inspect it. Unfortunately he said that he wasn't and a few minutes later texted me and he said that he will drop to $700. Told him the same thing I told him earlier and still didn't wanna lower it anymore. Guess the search continues! 0-3 so far lol Thanks for the help again!
  7. Thanks for the advice I really appreciate the feedback. I guess it doesnt make sense to spend that much money on an anvil when I guess I could buy a new. I know it would be nice having something that has been around for a while but obviously not necessary. I just thought being a Fisher it would be a little more pricey giving how popular they are. I'll make a offer but I doubt he will take it. He message me after I posted this saying that if I didn't bring 750 I would be wasting my time going to see/test it.
  8. Found this fisher anvil for sale. Seller says it's a 150lb anvil and he wanted $1000 right from the beginning. So far I talked him down to $750. He says its stamped may 13, 1884. I'm located in nevada. What do you guys suggest? Would be my first anvil. P.s. sorry for posting so many post lol
  9. Thanks guys! According to the seller she already sold the anvil that she supposably had. I wouldn't be surprised if she was just trying to scam me. Ooh well, I don't mind continuing my search for a anvil. I'm gonna try the flea market this weekend and spread the word that I'm looking for one.
  10. I contacted the seller and she wanted a PayPal deposited to hold the anvil for me just so I can go see it. She said she has other people interested and said she would only hold it if I did a deposit. Unfortunately I told her I didn't feel comfortable and told her to tell me if I could go see it if she didn't go though with her other deal. I'm 0-2 this past two weeks in getting an anvil.
  11. Finest quality AISI 52100 chrome steel " finest quality chrome steel produced in accordance with the highest industry standards. These high precision G25 ball bearings are hot forged from bar stock. Modern furnaces with precisely controlled atmospheres and temperatures are used for heat treating to assure uniform hardness and proper microstructure for each Stainless steel ball. Throughout the manufacturing process, statistical process control assures tolerance accuracy, fine surface finish and consistent high quality. Chrome steel balls offer the precise geometry and fine surface finish t
  12. Thanks for the advice. Question about the rebound test. I bought some ball bearing from Amazon and I was wondering if there's a way to tell if the ball bearing have been hardened. Thanks!
  13. Trying to get my first anvil. Found this one about 2 hours away from where I live. Anvil is located in northern California and is asking $500. I don't think he/she knows anything about the anvil. Would it be worth my drive? any advice?
  14. Thanks for the all feedback and explanations that has been offered. I'm still sticking to the L shaped stand and using the railroad track both horizontal and vertical. Was planning on putting a 10 inch piece of horizontal rail on top of the "L" and placing a 25 inch on the bottom of the "L' vertically. I actually got a 35inch piece of railroad track and a 15inch from my buddy. I was gonna have both option just to see what feels better as obviously I have no experience forging. And possibly making a horn on the horizontal piece as well.
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