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  1. Exactly. it can very accessible to start and you can see yourself improve constantly as you keep at it. Knowing I am still very early days but it does seem to be a craft/vocation/art where you are constantly learning and growing. Though you may spend some time doing the same thing over and over till you have it down, there is always something new or a better way to learn. For me it is those skills where growth is limitless keeps me coming back more and more. n.
  2. Hello Folks, As I find myself becoming more and more engaged in the art of forging iron, I feel that there may need to be a warning topic that needs to be pinned at the top of this forum. Beyond all the basic implements, techniques and safety items that should be flagged to the those who are new, one item needs to be put to the forefront. Though mentioned in passing, nobody warns you how addictive forging really easy. Though I am doing this as a hobby, after a few months I am completely consumed. From reading everything I can get my hands on, to filling any spare moment at my fo
  3. Thanks for your guidance Billy. I have been forging about 4 months. A while is roughly an hour and half or so and daily or every other day. On closer examination (mimicking my blows with a small hammer and pillow ) I have found I am whipping my elbow when striking. I am sure this is the source. I should most likely be coming down straight from the shoulder in a smooth motion rather that whipping and twisting from the elbow. NH
  4. I will admit that I did not read every single one, so forgive me if this is a repeat of sorts but: I learn more correcting my errors than following my successes.
  5. Hey folks, Looking for a little help. I am finding after forging for a while the muscle on the top of my forearm connected to my elbow (brachioradial) gets sore and can stay that way for days afterwards. I have tried loosening my grip just prior to striking but I think the issue may be in the wind up.. Any thoughts / suggestions? Thanks, Nick
  6. Hi Folks, I picked up my first anvil on Monday night, a 150# Mousehole and while forging last night (well picking up a dropped hammer) I noticed the foot on the horn side has an R stamped on it. Based on info I was able to find I understand the other markings and the date range for it but I have not been able to find info on the R. Any help or suggestions are welcome. Thanks, Nick http://www.iforgeiron.com/gallery/image/38404-full/ http://www.iforgeiron.com/gallery/image/38403-markings/ http://www.iforgeiron.com/gallery/image/38407-front-stamp/
  7. Just walked in the door from a crazy evening. Long story, but thought I would snap a couple quick pics as I just put it in the work shop and I am excited to share as I can't forge anything at this hour here (After 10 pm). I hope my neighbours are thankful for my considerate nature. This was bought from a Kijiji ad that was at least 3 weeks old. 150# based on the markings I believe the logo dates it at 1820-1835 according to the info from the ABANA forum. Remarkable condition if the dating is correct. Terrific bounce and decent edges left I am immensely excited to get this into use. My
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  10. Thanks for the tips and info folks. I think the spikes will be relegated to making coat hooks etc. I do have a number of the ampersand looking clips that ThomasPowers mentioned. A few are being forged into tongs but I will see what else can be done with them. Such a wonderful resource of knowledge here. Thanks again! Nick
  11. Hi Folks, Not wanting to open a huge debate but I do have a question. As I seem to have an abundance rail road spikes I was wondering if I could craft an effective hot cut tool from a rail spike. I know they are not ideal for knives and fine cutting tools but I am guessing that the quality of steel would be fine for forging some tools. I am wrong in my assumption? Sorry for the beginner question. Regards, Nick
  12. Thanks! That makes total sense. I am going to check it out this weekend so I will report back.
  13. Hello Folks, I have been corresponding with an individual about an anvil and they have indicated that below the Peter Wright name are the letters AT T. I have done some searches but have not been able to find any references to these markings. Would any of the experts here have an idea. Thanks, Nick
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