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  1. SIlverSmelter

    key slot in hammer

    gotta like them chips flyin
  2. i was using coke and im thinkin it was the plate covered to much of the pot, it was a centaur forge pot. well i guess lesson learned here taller fire next time and when the new one comes it im goin to use the old one till its toast for big fires like that. thanks fellas for the responces
  3. forging today wanted to put a hole in my striker plate, and oops by the end of the job the fire pot now has a part of it that melted. How many of you out there have ever experienced this. what would be a good way to keep this from happening again.
  4. it was a good weekend here spent the time leveling a pad for my new smithy all is going well cant wait to have all the tools set up and kept up. that tearing stuff down at the end of the day is for the birds
  5. well it sounds like ima start over with the fire pot and use an unlined drum to use as they are readily available to me thanks guys for responding. just a note you know no matter how bad a day is or week for that matter just one hour at the forge and youve forgot all those worries "life is good"
  6. so on the the next brake drum i should just leave it be and not try to line it with any thing sounds good to me
  7. im currently working on getting a car port style smithy it is 21x20x8 it was less than 2k that also includes the sides tin plus install. i was going to leave the gables open for temp. just throwing that out there cause you were looking at the container which is only like 8ft wide i think. i dont know what for rough lumber you can get a hold of but i figured less than 200 for each gable when i want to close it in. just my two cents for what its worth.
  8. ive been using the forge most weekends and at some point thru out a day its time to clean out the klinker. i made a drum forge and i had some refractory laying around so i used that to line it but i have a real trouble getting some of the klinker out it really sticks in there. was wondering if it sticks to the clay linings as well or maybe to steel looking for a solution to keep it from sticking so bad i have to hammer it out. thanks
  9. i have recently aquired some 1144 drops from work 2" and 1 1/4 and was thinking of hammers, drifts, and maybe slitters. mostly just looking to see if any of you use it. i know its real close to 1045 ive read lots about on here just looking for some input.
  10. heres my vice its a lil bit high but when the smithy gets put up ima put the wheel into the floor a bit
  11. hear is my first rams head i made three that day and only two came out, i managed to break the horns off the very first attempt. But better learning through trial and error. My welds did hold up tho. Any comments appreciated.
  12. average is the best of the worst and the worst of the best

  13. well it is a bottom blast and im learning the fire so im prolly cranking to much and also have it to low in the pot.thanks for the welcome
  14. hello all my name is travis im new to the art of smithing. Im from central Pa. i was playing at the forge yesterday and noticed i had a lot of scale on my material just wondering if that comes from being to low in the fire pot, or maybe just not enough fire to burn excess oxygen. hope you guys can teach me lots as i would like to pass this knowledge to my lil fella (at 9mo. old) when he is big enough to crank the blower
  15. SIlverSmelter

    forge with New chimney

    Lancaster Forge and Blower Company with new chimney
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