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First anvil

My first anvil! Its a 209lbs Wilkinson

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Wonderful anvil, but a truly incredible photo. You've done everything right in the set up, and the light is fantastic. Kudos all around!

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Thank you very much! I took the photo as well so you can imagine the smile on my face!

This documents what may be the one and only time this area will ever be so clean...

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Nice shop; exactly what I need. What is on the floor? What is the size of the bulding? I assume you bought this off site and had it delivered?

I was reading a book by a well known axe smith/blacksmith and he turns out extraorinary work in a shop that is like 12X16 !!

I don't get the comment about the fantastic lighting. Blacksmith shops are suppoed to be quite dark for obvious reasons; this shop would appear to be well lighted in my opinion. Perhaps I'm missing something???? Don't you have to see the color of your (hot) workpiece?


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Thanks! The floor is pea gravel and the 8’x10’ shed was built by me. It’s a little snug, but it’s what I could afford at the time. The comment about the good lighting is most likely in regards to the photography not the actual lighting in the shop. It's actually nice lighting in there with the doors shut, but it looks incredibly bright since I bumped up the exposure on my camera. I can see the colour of my metal just fine.

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Amazing picture, do you do photography on the side as a hobby? Nice anvil. I don't think anyone is going to walk in and steal that but you can never be too safe!

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Thank you very much, and yes I do take photos for fun on the side.
I keep the shed locked up, but of course windows can be broken. I am thinking about making something decorative to bolt up behind the windows just as a precautionary thing. People are nuts in my area...

That shed isn’t easy to access and if I caught a guy carrying my anvil off and over the fence, I don’t think I’d want to mess with him. My 44 mag is fearless though... haha!

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I'd ask what do you think you are doing, "but being this is a .44 Magnum, the most powerful handgun in the world and will blow you head clean off, you've got to ask yourself a question: 'Do I feel lucky?' well, do ya, punk?"

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Looks great, I just borrowed a very simliar anvil off my land lord, I was thinking of some galvonised tie down strapping for the fixing it down but have my suspitions that wont be sterdy enough but what you have looks great so I might go find some more substancial bracets.

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Yes I actually traced the base of my anvil onto the stump and used a router to sink it in about 3/4 of an inch and then used those straps to lag bolt it in. I used this page as a reference ( http://www.blksmth.com/Anvi_base_preparation.htm )
It doesnt move between the anvil and stump, but at the base of the stump it rocks since I didnt burry it into the ground so I used three very long T-posts and drove them into the dirt and lag bolted them all into the stump. Sturdy and doesnt move at all now!
Good luck!

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Great anvil and photo.

I really like that hammer. Is it one you made or bought?

I think I could use a stout chain like that around my waist to keep it from growing! HA!!!

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Thank you!

I didn’t make the hammer sadly, I’ve yet to make my first hammer, but hope to very soon!
It's a Picard 1000 gram that I re-hafted and changed the face.
ha ha!
My anvil was feeling self conscious so I offered to help with the chain girdle. She had been jealous of all those slim farrier anvils for some time now...

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How are you liking the Tabasco? I'm just starting out and have my eye on that forge. Beautiful picture. You should sell that to Chile, great ad.

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Thank you for the complement!
I really like that forge quite a bit, it does everything I expected it to, including weld and I couldn’t be happier with a gas forge. My only thing against it I guess is the obstacle I’m faced with when fitting certain odd shaped objects into it.

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Very nice looking shop. Your forge looks like its propane? Are you worried about carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide in a 8 x 10 room? The only reason I ask is because I thought I would have to use my forge outside. It sure would be nice if I could move my propane forge into my 8x10 shed. Sometimes,where I live, it's too cold out outside for me to work.

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You can definitely use a gas forge inside a building -- even a small one -- just make sure there's good ventilation and you have REALLY good heat shielding and fire extinguishing capabilities. If you have power to the building, a good setup is to mount an exhaust fan high up in the wall above the forge and crack a window or door across from it so you get a cross draft that flows across the shop and carries the forge fumes out the fan. 

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Well it's been about 7.5 years since NHS was last here; but it's good info.  I use my propane forge in a building; but it's 20'x30' with 10' walls. With 10'x10' roll up doors on opposite sides.    For an 8x10 you will need good ventilation as the rate of forge's exhaust with the CO will fill that small a structure pretty fast and re-running exhaust through the burner(s) again will really spike CO production.  A CO meter mounted at head level would be a good investment.

The gables of my smithy are open; but I would like to enclose them as I add tools that are not as weatherproof as an anvil; so I am looking to put in 4'sq "barn fans" in the gable peaks.

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