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  1. John B added a post in a topic: UK workshop rental prices   

    Hi Colleen, for levelling and assembling on uneven floors you can use hop ups/saw horse type supports, axle stands, wedges and spirit levels,  
  2. John B added a post in a topic: Do i have to be artistic to be a blacksmith?   

    Become a blacksmith first, then you will develop into being artistic as you go. You can qualify blacksmithing, but art is a perception.
  3. John B added a post in a topic: UK workshop rental prices   

    I was running hearth, drill, lathe, Blacker powerhammer, all in use at same time, then angle grinder, hand drills, spot welder, welding plant, oxy burning equipment, all were found to be acceptable.
    Also don' forget to emphasise that forging hot metal is less noisy than just bouncing off cold metal or the anvil, so if possible take a hearth and heat up the metal, make something as a souvenir for the testers.
  4. John B added a post in a topic: UK workshop rental prices   

    Hi Joel,
    Although I didn't "need" planning permission when I applied for it on a converted farm machinery storage shed, I nevertheless applied for it and it was granted with certain provisos, in my case, 8.00 am to 6.00pm no Sundays or Bank Holidays, 
    There was a complaint after a couple of years from a neighbour and the Sound levels were tested, and they were found to be not excessive, 
    I had checked it with a decibal counter and it was below 90dcb's, however the decibel measurement is not discussed, it hinged on "acceptable" levels,, and mine were thought to be well in limits. The interesting outcome was that although I had planning permission restrictions (as a business) I could forge outside those times as a hobby.
    Complaining neighbour later had a restraining order put on them for excessive noise from radios etc. Ironic or what.
    If the tenant is in a tied cottage, then that opens up other avenues.
    Good luck with the outcome.
  5. John B added a post in a topic: New guy kinda   

    Hi Stephen, Welcome to the site and enjoy your new hobby. Check out the Blacksmiths Guild UK in the Groups section, and also our website to see what we have going on,.
    We are not far from Exeter airport or the ports of Plymouth and Weymouth,  If you are venturing over here we would be glad to see if we can help you in any way.
    Have fun !
  6. John B added a post in a topic: Tension VS Compression bracing   

    Function of the finished item is paramount. and the design of the component parts and their layout should reflect this
    To Quote HW 
     An example might be an L-shaped sign bracket hung on a wall.  A support bar that forms a closed triangle would therefore hold more load if the hypotenuse was on the upper side.
    However, in decorative blacksmithing, we should also consider the fasteners and other elements as potential failure points. 
    A bracket like this may hold more load, however there would be more leverage on the upper mounting point which could prove a potential safety problem, 
  7. John B added a post in a topic: Hello from across the pond!   

    Hi Matt, Welcome to the site, put in your location and there has to be someone who can help near you. 
    Check out the Blacksmiths Guild UK in the groups section. We have numerous sledge hammer heads, forging stakes and other useful items that can be purchased by members, Plus other help we can give.
    Enjoy your new addiction.
  8. John B added a post in a topic: Guild AGM 2015   

    We will be holding the Guilds AGM at Westpoint EX51DJ on Saturday March 28th at 11.00am  there will be a buffet lunch available after, bring along any tools or other blacksmith related stuff to sell or trade,  forging and demo's through the afternoon and an evening BBQ and hoolie with Merv and friends. Day will start at 09.00am for putting up marquee and setting out stuff, refreshments and bacon butties available. 
    After the business part of the meeting Terry Clarke will be informing us about the 2016 Ypres Cenotaph of remembrance  project, and Sally Clarke will be talking about the Worshipful Company's Tonypandy award.
    After the IBF, this is a crucial time in developing the future of the guild, so if you want to be part of that, come along and join us, Sunday will be a forge in day, 
    I also have details of a load of surface rusted steel going begging, if anyone is interested pm me.
  9. John B added a post in a topic: 6x4 headache saw?   

    ​You can walk away if you choose to, but keep an ear out for when the blade jams
    and if you don't catch it in time the motor overheats and the thing catches fire,
    As for swivelling arms, it can take as long to set up as a swivelling vice, and the structure of the bandsaw is somewhat flimsy 
    Have you considered using an chopsaw for mitres or even cut off, the local farriers use these and they are surprisingly good, more info here
  10. John B added a post in a topic: 6x4 headache saw?   

    Personally I would go for a good old fashioned power hacksaw aka Donkey saw, they will far outlast the majority of bandsaws on offer, Plus you can let them run on their own happily, whilst you get on with other things
  11. John B added a post in a topic: Pillar drill buying advice   

    Hi Joel,
    Looks like a sound piece of useful drilling machinery, but how much of an update is it from your existing drill?
    And what differential value would you put on it, against the purchase of a new one with guarantee.
    Does it work? how accurate is it? what advantage does it have over the existing unit? Table swivel adjusts to incline? or fixed at 90 degrees to spindle 
    If it does go wrong are you going to have hassle with its previous owner ? (not unknown for mice nests in motor etc)
    Or would you want to invest the money towards something which would be suitable for now and your future requirements,
    Your call at the end of the day.
  12. John B added a post in a topic: Pillar drill buying advice   

    Hi Joel, just to add to Alan's advice, 750watt single phase with industrial rating usage is advisable, also a rack and pinion table height adjuster is definately recommended
    From a practical point, you do not need the high speed rpm range, and with stepped shank drills you can drill up to 25mm + diameters relatively easily.
  13. John B added a post in a topic: Hello from East Yorkshire, England   

    Ay up Carl, welcome to the site, you need to do a bit of lakin abaht and then have a go.
    As mentioned previously you can find us in the groups section Blacksmiths Guild UK, If we can be of assistance either bring it up her or cantact me through the website  link for courses.
    Good luck wi'  t' new addiction, and have fun.
  14. John B added a post in a topic: Pure Iron Availability?   

    Another UK supplier is, they are part of a larger group who supply internationally and were looking to market and distribute in the US a couple of years ago, may be worth an email to see if they have outlets over there.
  15. John B added a post in a topic: first gate project   

    If the gate is tight, you could step it back and mount to the rear of the verticals.