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  1. I read about using corn on this forum. I figure I could let it coke up on the sides of of the firepot. It would be a $5 experiment and if it doesn't work I could always feed squirrels.
  2. Natkova, hope the hand stays infection free. I don't imagine that it would be beyond the need of some antibiotic cream and a band-aid. The tuyer I cut so I could sit the fan on the shelf that was already attached to the side of the grill. All I have to do to change airflow is just turn the fan anywhere from pointing directly at the tuye to angling slightly away for no air at all. I think the shape of the firepot is off, but that's easy to change. I really wanted a much larger fire pot so I could heat a larger area, but that didn't work out so well. Maybe I was just too stingy with fu
  3. Yep, Charcoal. Into the second half of the bag and lots of charcoal dust in there as well. I tried to make the fire pot larger and that actually created more problems than it solved, so I'll be moving the bricks about for the next fire. I figured out that I can adjust the airflow with the simple expedient of moving the nozzle from the fan slightly away from the other end of the tuye pipe. Just the kind of stupid simple solution I like.
  4. That don't sound good natkova. Although it could be like having a blemish frozen off. same theory, different thermal direction. Yesterday I got my angle grinder finally, so I spent some time making the radius on a small section of my anvil a little more crisp. Then I built up my new grill forge! Just a side blast JABOD, but built into an old bbq grill body. Needs many adjustments to get the air blast just right and the fire pit adjusted. Had too much air going in at first and the fire fleas got kind of fractious.
  5. That is a heck of a blower, should move some air! I'm still powering my forge with a bathroom exhaust fan
  6. Welcome aboard! If you are looking at build vs buy ideas for various things to get started you might want to look at some of these threads: https://www.iforgeiron.com/topic/52308-a-collection-of-improvised-anvils/ You don't need a nice pretty anvil that looks like something that was dropped on Wile E. Coyote's head. I'm using a slab of pig iron I'm new here to and these guys are a great source of information.
  7. The area is where a lot of guys have cattle and then there is a lot of regular farmland as well. It would be pretty pricey to get some acreage. There were lots of places dense with really old Osage Orange (bois d'arc, hedge, bodarc, what have you) trees along with some elm and maple out there. A lot of the Osage Orang looked to be started as straight line windbreaks and kind of spread out, which is fairly common in Kansas, as I understand. The wood makes for some beautiful bows, if you have the stamina to harvest it. Not to mention the stuff is awesome to use as firewood in a wood stove.
  8. It's been too cold for outdoor forging here, and the 2 days last week that would have been good for it ended up getting used for other things, like my wife's birthday (much more important!) and helping the second of the twins moved and setup in his house 90 miles from here. The last thing for him to take was his motorcycle and I had to follow in his car. Saw some spots I wouldn't mind retiring to on the way if I could get 10 plus acres, a good indoor workshop, and a place to set up my own personal rifle/archery/knife and axe throwing range.
  9. Yeah, but Scotty canna' break the laws of physics. Data and Jordy are at least open to the idea.
  10. I was only giving them what they ordered. The Russian Roulette was their idea. Also, due to some unfortunate times in Juarez, I avoid tequila as much as humanly possible. And I make some darn good hot wings, thank you very much!
  11. Tequila and Tabasco was a fun one to serve when I was bartending. It was called a West Texas Prairie Fire We could light it on fire by carefully heating a spoonful of the booze with a lighter. then serve to a bunch of cowboys ready for a night on the town. I confess I took a small amount of amusement when one guy singed his glorious moustache. He was a horrible tipper. The other fun part was a sort of russian roulette for them. One guy in the group would get extra tabasco. Hard to spot in the poor light of the bar. Watch 4 cowboys take shots, and one of them ends up spluttering.
  12. Speaking of Tabasco, I now have a desire to cook some buffalo wings tonight (Alton Brown Recipe and method). That would make it a better day.
  13. I'm concerned. I get the espresso, but with tabasco?!?! That sounds like what causes bad days, not a method of coping with them. Espresso and then eggs with tabasco on them, that I get. I have now had coffee. The chances of nearby idiots surviving the day has increased dramatically.
  14. Yay, backordered angle grinder is on it's way from Harbor freight and will be here tomorrow. OTOH, the wind kicked up and managed to pretty much rip my back storm door off of it's hinges. Not a great start to today. Got it removed so it can't do any damage to the house or shatter the glass. Since I work from home it's less of a big deal than it could have been, but now I'm all wrong footed. I even forgot to make coffee....
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