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  1. Well said Ted, thanks! Really cool striker. I found this punch at work and thought I could make one from that. I was curious if you hardened and tempered yours though?
  2. This weekend I made this awful “D” for an old friend of my mother. Not my best work lol. I also took ten minutes and bent up this long thin piece of rusted bar I found on the side of the road and made an adjustable work holding thingamajig…I’ve been fighting with holding my work since I got this forge and all it took was ten minutes of bending this stuff cold with my hands to solve it. And I finally tried out my new flux core welder…I thought I was bad at forging…then I tried welding. Way more difficult than I thought but I did manage to make my first hardy tool. It’s super ugly but I’m excite
  3. Vermiculite worked great. The weight is much more manageable now. I think I’ll still try to reinforce the legs in some way just to be safe but I’m not too worried about it now. Thanks guys.
  4. Ok so they ended up finding the last bag of vermiculite. But did you know they take rocks you find in the back yard and put them in a jar, call them “river stones” and sell them for five bucks? I thought that was funny.
  5. Help lol at Home Depot. No vermiculite. Will perlite work?
  6. Yeah I like the idea of still having the lid. The level of the dirt and the rotor were the last questions I had. I left the dirt level lower than the rotor thinking it would be some extra space to have fresh coal. The rotor is about 2 inches lower than the rim of the grill right now. So the way it sits I would definitely need to cut those slots for long stock or I bring the rotor up flush with the edge of the grill. Once again though I spent way too much time worrying/thinking about the right way to do something instead of just trying it. I could have had this going weeks ago and gotten it
  7. That’s not a bad idea. Easy enough to change it to that. Would definitely take a lot of the weight out.
  8. So this is where I got this weekend. I was really liking it until I went to move it haha. Not that it’s too heavy to move but I think it’s just too heavy for the legs of this cheap grill. So...I’m thinking about doing it the same way but using the lid instead of the bottom like Frazer suggested. Cut the same hole in the lid as I did the bottom and just slip the lid on to the pipe so the lid would be resting on the edge of the bottom and there would be a gap between the top of the lid and the bottom (where most of the dirt is with the current setup) I hope that’s making sense. If it does, does
  9. Thanks guys. All super helpful. I was worried about just going with dirt/clay but now that I know others have used it that’s what I’ll try. And being able to easily redo anything that doesn’t work as opposed to breaking up some kind of refractory is a huge plus and a great point.
  10. hoping to finally get around to this over the weekend. Frazer did you end up using any kind of refractory cement as a base below the coal? If so what kind? My head is spinning looking for something to use as some range from 20-100$ for the same amount. Hoping someone can throw out a name of something that’s worked for them so I can stop the guessing game. Thanks.
  11. LOL it fell out of my forge and into the quench tank when I was turned around. Somehow it didn’t dawn on me that the hot end would be the one sticking out of the water. I definitely need that shirt. I’m going to put some kind of work holding bar together next weekend so nothing can fall out again. Lesson learned.
  12. First forging on the new anvil yesterday - really loving it. It’s finally the right height and mounted rock solid with no ring at all - silicone underneath really took the noise down a lot. Anyway I was making these wall hooks for my mom for Mother’s Day. It was going well until I very stupidly burned my hand. Could have been much worse but man did it still hurt - that brought my forging to a close for the day. Good thing I got her flowers as well. I’ll finish the middle hook which will be a heart some time this week. These would have been done Saturday except I was woken up at 3am because
  13. Finally got my new anvil mounted. Didn’t go exactly as planned but it’s feeling pretty solid. It’s a TFS 100. I almost went with the 100lb Holland which is probably a better anvil overall since mine is ductile iron but for my hobby needs I’m hoping this is going to more than adequate. I was really nervous about taking a grinder to it though. It’s probably hard to tell but I just barely removed the edges. They were very sharp to begin with. Not sure if should grind some more though. I hit the hardy hole with just a file and didn’t do anything to the pritchel hole yet. Not sure if I should on th
  14. Not really worried about it being taken. I’m far enough off the road and it’s going to be covered plus there’s usually almost always someone home. A nut welded to a plate sounds easy enough though. I have no idea how to use the welder I just bought but I’m looking forward to practicing. The vise and new anvil just came yesterday and boy are they puurrdy. Very exiting. Thanks guys.
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