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filet knife, new handle

kevin (the professor)

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Hello again,

I had several people on a different forum mention that the handle was not in proportion to the size and task of the knife.

This time, I decided to go with their suggestions. I tried to just shrink the original handle, but I discovered a flaw in the wood as I ground it down. One of those random things, you know, like when you are not really skilled and don't own a drill press, and let your drill slip into a hole parallel to the one you are drilling. Then, it takes off at a wild angle to the side for a second before you stop. That sort of random, uncontrollable, unforseeable thing.

So, as I ground the first handle down, I uncovered the errant channel I had put into it while trying to get the tang through the block in the beginning. Not having a drill press is no excuse for a simple mistake, but it would have helped, and it makes me feel better.

Had to hacksaw and chisel the thing off!

Still, the outcome is better now, because I put a piece of Rosewood that looks better than the mesquite did.

So, enjoy the photos, thanks for the advice.

If only I could make a wooden sheath to hold it....





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Hey Kevin,
Don't be too hard on yourself for that 'extra' hole you drilled. I don't have a drill press either so I avoid engineering drilling operations into my knives. Take some pic's of your knife shop today and look back in a year and you'll be surprised at how things will change.
Did you forge the blade and/or shape it by hand? I like the brass you incorporated into the handle.

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yes, the blade is hand forged and shaped with files and a 1x42" belt grinder. I have a piece of rr track set in a bucket of clay to kill the ring. I am working in the garage of a condo, so I had to be quiet.

the butt-cap is coin mokume, so it is really a stack of 6 quarters that I forge welded and shaped. You can see concentric rings of copper and nickel where I beveled it on the back and parallel lines on the sides. It looks cool, I have been using it for most (4 of 5) butt caps so far. the person I was making this for actually saw a previous knife, and asked me to do this.

thanks for the encouragement. I don't know anyone here in CT that does bladesmithing or blacksmithing, so the feedback from the forum is invaluable. It is the closest thing to teacher and supporter I can get right now.


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