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What to do with a 25# hammer?

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Bumbling through the local flea market has its rewards. This weekend I found a 25# sledge for $10. My question is, just what does one do with a 25# hammer? I couldn't let it go unbought and have it find it's way into the local smelter. Just lookin' for ideas!

An anvil? Some kinda automated pounder?


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I have a 35lb sledge hammer head that I don't swing anymore and am contemplating using it as an anvil on a treadle hammer, but I have yet to complete my plans for it so I may or may not use it for that, other wise it makes a dandy door stop.


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I like the loaner hammer idea but it'd probably be easy to adapt to an Oliver type treadle hammer. I have a 22lb straight pein I'm going to do that with.

With some creative bracket making you shouldn't have to alter the hammer itself and thus keep it for a loner if needs arise.


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FINISH NAIL HAMMER....HAHAHA, I was rolling on the floor with that one! I like the idea of a short handle on it if only for a conversation piece.

I may have to investigate the treadle hammer, but for now I will just stick with the basics.

Never heard of a 22# pound stright pein hammer, interesting.

I see your 35# is bigger than my 25#, wanna trade? lol.....Thanks for the input guys!

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