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508lb P.W. and 50lb Canadian giant

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I finally got a hammer and a very large Peter Wright Anvil. I tried to buy this hammer many years ago but the owner promised someone first dibs on it. He finally sold it and I went to the new owner and told him if he ever sold it to call me. Well he called couple weeks ago and asked if I was still interested and I went straight over and asked if he would also sell the anvil. HE agreed and I paid him and now have both items that I have wanted for so long. I don't really do any blacksmithing but do forge weld some damascus for knife blades. I have always been fasinated with this type old equipment. I now have 3 P.W. anvils. Does anyone know when this anvil was made?






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Wow! A very nice couple of additions to a collection.

The fact that 'England' is stamped on the anvil indicates it was made after 1910 (according to Anvils In America).

I also have a Canadian Giant (a 25 pounder), and haven't been able to find out much about them (other than they were probably Little Giant knock-offs).

Next time I'm driving by to Calgary, I should stop in and 'borrow' your new tools. :P Congratulations!

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I just cleaned up anvil and took some more pics with coke can so you can have something to see how big it is. Pics are all dark. I will try to edit them and post again. I was also able to grind out 3 knife blades and heat treat them as well this afternoon.











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