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I Forge Iron

never been to this sight before


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free2forge, welcome to Iforgeiron!
This is a great site with lots of metalworking information and lots of friendly folks.

I can readily identify with , as you said, 'health problems'.
I have an intermitent bad back and I had open heart surgery three years ago.
But like you, I'm ready to go again.

Feel free to jump in anywhere you like.......ask questions.....provide answers........that's what this is all about.........( and it's also FUN!)

Oh, by the way, please use the 'user CP' at the top of the page and let us know your general location........there might be smiths just down the road from you!


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Welcome aboard, glad to have you.

I can identify with the health issues, well an injury in my case. I just recently as in a few weeks ago got the word my arm is finally healed completely. I shattered it two years ago last September. Now I'm doing work hardening PT and after more than two years 20 lbs was kicking my butt.

Anyway, we're happy to answer whatever questions you have, even if we have to make something up.


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What a treat!!! :cool:
Free2forge, welcome here to I Forge Iron!!!!
I know your name and I know your game. And I am also so glad you found I Forge Iron.
We are in for a treat to have ya here now.
I would like to come over to visit with ya soon!
Ted Throckmorton

Thanks for waking me up! :rolleyes:

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