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  1. I can see that there is a lot of misinformed info in this area. I live and work in coal minning area. all of the coal that goes into the 3 major plants in our area comes from several diffrent mines (all underground) the plants have several stockpiles of diffrent coal and blend them depending on their burn rate so they can keep a uniform fire. all the mines around here and the states around us are bituminous, alot of the impurities not all but alot of them come from the way the coal is mined. I am short on time right now but would like to hash this around a bit more later
  2. several good suggestions. myself I use old tip cleaners
  3. the angle should come into the forge right at the top inside edge of your liner this will create a vortex and heat more uniformaly
  4. 2" of ceramic fiber is alright for general forging. itc 100 is always a good idea but if you are going to forge weld a castable refactory will serve you much better. the flux will eat right threw ceramic fiber.
  5. I have been forging on and off for a few years, health problems have held me up a bit the last couple but I am ready to go again. I am gled to have run across this sight and look forward to trying to get involved.