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I Forge Iron

Some of my stuff.

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Hey Lubernaut-
Welcome aboard, its always good to see some new and varied artistic visions. And I agree with Don, tell us more about the inspiration and technique that went into these works. It ain't your ordinary smithing vision.

If you ain't afraid of a little critique, I'll chime in here with a few things. First off, your work is great, I like the flowing nature of it. Its organic, but in an alien or surreal interpretation of natural forms. They resemble things we know and see but are something more. The finely drawn points that taper delicately at the tips of many of the individual components are finely executed and visually enticing. I like a very fine taper, I'd draw stock down to a molecule in thickness if it wasn't for safety concerns.

Its those very tips that lead me to the critique and question that has bothered me about my own work over the years. How small of a tip is dangerous to humans? lol. I mean will they catch on someones clothing? Or if someone falls, will it poke them badly?

I ask these questions to see what the consensus here is as to how small to taper down to when these tips are exposed at the edges of a work. Or do you all put different tips on on different works for different reasons.

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I guess I'm most profoundly influenced by nature. Artist-wise I'm pretty obsessed with all things Art Nouveau, Hector Guimard and Victor Horta above all. I really admire HR Giger's work and of course Albert Paley's early forge-based work.

As far as the blacksmithing itself, it's pretty basic stuff. The gate I attached has a lot of pass-throughs and collaring, but for the most part my work is just a lot of tapers, some upsets and a few twists and textures. My main focus is on line and composition, forged steel really lends itself to this end. I work out of a small shop, nothing too stellar tool-wise. I rarely work anything over 1" square so my 50" Meyer Bros. hammer does fine, not that I don't have fantasies about a bigger pneumatic hammer!

I generally work off a loose sketch and improvise a lot of the work as the pieces progress. This can be problematic as "sketching" in steel is different than on paper, but it always leads to happy accidents and ideas I just can't can generate in 2D. Mostly I try to have fun and do some justice to this craft we all love so much. :)

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There are some lovely forged details on all your work and with a definate eye for a good line your work really sings! as well you can see the many artists you mentioned that have influenced your work,but you have also given it a new life and stamped your own style onto it. Lovely work and hope to see a lot more of your work.

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wow didnt expect this work when i was glancing through the list - it s really unusual - they all have an insect kind of feeling to me, and armour in the way insects have armour too. looks very strong and at same time very delicate, also a dark vibe about the work? bit spooky to come across in the dark! like someone just said - you would definately notice going through those gates! for me the whole point is that your work grabs somebodys attention for a second and changes their day slightly...

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