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New here!

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I have been a farrier for 18 years. I am not sure how much longer I will be able to shoe, so I am starting to do some ornamental blacksmithing. I have lots of experience forging(mainly shoes). Is there much demand for ornamental
stuff? Any tips on things that sell, or getting started would be great.


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Welcome fellow Hoosier..

Ornamental is a wide range of things, I have personally not figured out a way to make a living at the forge but others here have. Many of those making a living are also doing some more industrial type stuff such as gates and things. Like many other crafts you have to find your niche.

Look forward to seeing you around IFI


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Welcome aboard Dan, glad to have ya.

I think farriers thinking of their knees and backs make up the largest demographic of guys breaking into ornamental ironwork. I know about half a dozen personally and I'm pretty limited geographically.

What's going to sell for you and how well you do is an immortal issue with smiths on this list and others. I don't know if what you make will appeal to buyers but I do know you have the most important basic skills necessary for a professional blacksmith. Control, technique and speed.

I know there are a number of things I could sell like hotcakes if I could produce them fast enough to make a profit.

Anyway, there are quite a few threads on IFI dealing with the business and artistic end of the craft, a few searches should give you plenty of good reading. There are the gallery and BS to peruse too. Pack a lunch and other refreshments, you'll need them.


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Hello Dan! Welcome aboard. I know you from the other forums. Not personaly but I have seen you around. This is a wonderful site I am sure you will enjoy it. There are many great ideas and discussions going around here. You do some fine work Dan. That is a fine looking straight bar in your avatar. The people here are very helpful so dont be afraid to speak up. Take care bud!

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Thanks for the welcome guys. Yes my back is the main reason for starting this venture. I will always shoe horses just not as many.;)

Confederate forge thanks for the compliment. I have seen you on the wcb
site. I have started to do some ornamental stuff. Just easy stuff right now.
I am going to try to get the word out about my new venture. Hopefully
it will help supplement my income a bit.


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Yeah thats the one you made for Todd's contest isnt it? Fine looking shoe. I would make an attempt at a heart bar if I could forge weld. :confused:

Yep I got the knife done. I put up pics in the "For my Brother" post here on IFI. It turned out good I think.

I will have to get crackin on the forge welding.

Knife looks real good, bud!
Come out to my shop anytime, dude.
I got the steel and the forges and the anvils and
the gas. Edited by hotrodiesel
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