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Hammer Handles...need new source


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I use a draw knife on occasion, as well as fiber discs in an angle grinder. Til I get a belt grinder I use my belt sander in the vise for final operations.

For wood I usually find broke shovel handles about as fast as I need them. iswitched to shovel handles as th hammer handles I have bought did not have good grain. Long handles seem to be a better grade.

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I will be making a draw knife for this purpose, so-far though I have cut rough to size with a saw, then used a band saw to get it a bit closer to the shape then grind away with a belt sander. If you just wanted round you could use a wood lathe t get real close to what you wanted but I am making some that are for axes and tomahawks and are going to have a bit of ''style'' (I hope)

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