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What do you guys use to layout a railing panel? Just looking for different ideas.

I haven't been commisioned yet but I've seen a few different ways. I have access to recycled 42" by 36" sheets of paper. I use that to draw 1 to 1 scale on. Been tempted to draw designs in autocad and plot them out but that would incur more cost and I haven't run into anything I couldn't draw with a pencil yet.

I know a couple guys that have huge welding tables (1" thick 4' wide and 8' long) who use soapstone to draw and fabricate on.

I've seen a very talented blacksmith artist use sharpies and plywood

"Backyard Blacksmith" author says she uses concrete shop floor and chalk
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Steel bench, or sheet of thin steel, with chalk or soapstone, and if I want a more lasting layout, line it with ink correction fluid or a paint pen.

A master drawing on paper can be made and this transferred onto the steel sheet/bench for working to. This can then be archived for future use.

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In the shop that I work at we have metal tables and we draw out the railing in full scale. I use pathagorous theorem to figure slopes and angles and such, plus it is just a good way to cross check measurements taken at the job site. But I guess I got of topic. At home I use concrete or a piece of plywood.

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