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Hey All,

As a reaction on Glenn and Jayco's reply on my yesterday's introduction, I would like to show some stuff I 've made.
It might be very standard stuff, but weyhey... I had fun with it!!!!

And Glenn: You were right, but I should have brought dinner as well.
I nearly spent all they on this amazing forum.

Hammer 'em.



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When you finish with the IForgeIron Forum Archives, may I suggest going to the IForgeIron Gallery. Top left there is a calendar. By clicking on a date, it will present all photos posted that day. Click on the > to move month by month. There are only 11 thousand images in the gallery, so we suggest a note book for sketches rather than trying at some later date to remember where you saw that most interesting project.

Did I mention there are several buttons on the front page of IForgeIron.com and each opens doors to additional information?

When your hair starts to hurt, it is time to rest and let your brain absorb and process the information overload (intense learning). Another indication of information overload (intense learning) is when you run toward the anvil with the single intention of just hitting hot metal, followed by a deep sigh and a smile. If you are found forging in the rain or snow, the best treatment is warm fluids and a sandwich, and at least one additional hour of solitude, followed by a warm bath, and a good nights sleep.

We are not addicted. If we were addicted to blacksmithing, we could not put the fire out and walk away each evening after a visit to the forge. (grin)

Blacksmith's anonymous

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