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Leg vice repair best way?

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Hi All,
I have an old leg vice that works but the jaws dont align. Not a real problem but it doesn't hold work very well. Flying steel is starting to get to me. So I want to get the face's level but I am not too sure of the best way to get these level. I dont have any big machinery but not too keen on filing by hand.
Also is there any particular angle the vertical face of the vice should be.
Thanks in advance.

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A little more detail about how the jaws are mis-aligned would be helpful.

If the top of the jaws don't line up vertically, and the difference in height of the jaws is a lot, the hole in the swinging arm may need to be moved a bit (welded shut and re-drilled). If the problem is vertical alignment, but is just a little, you may be able to grind a little, or heat one vise jaw (at the thin part of the neck) and bend it down or up a little (a twist in a jaw would be fixed this way also). If the jaws are out of line horizontally, is the swing joint tight? If not, tighten the bolt as much as you can and see if the alignment improves (obviously, it can't be crushing tight, or you won't be able to move the swing arm). If that doesn't take care of the problem, you may be able to heat the center of the swing arm and bend it a bit to get better horizontal alignment of the jaws.

Post vise jaws move apart in an arc, not a horizontal movement. Some vise jaws meet evenly when they are closed, others don’t. It seems to me I would want my jaws to be vertically parallel when I put the most commonly used size of stock between them (again, heat the neck of the jaws to adjust this).

You don’t need big equipment to adjust a post vise. Heat areas that need to be adjusted slowly in a coal fire (disassemble the vise as needed), then adjust on the anvil with a hammer (you will be suprised how easily HOT metal bends). If you need to move a hole, and don’t have a welder and drill press, I’m sure you have a friend with one.

A picture of the problem would be nice.

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Not sur if you have checked this, but pull the pivot pin at the bottom of the arm. I had one that the jaw sat about 1/3" lower than the rear jaw, and it turned out to be a worn pin. I replaced the pin with a bolt of the right size and now they are within 1/16" of each other. Also depending on the life the vise has seen the holes could have been elongated, so you may need to ream them out and use a slightly larger pin.


Rich C.

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